Stop The Demolition Of Houses In Bwana Mkubwa, Matambo Orders Court Baillifs



By Correspondent Reporter

WITH pending by-elections in Ndola and Kitwe, the UPND administration has felt the pressure now, that they have ordered for any further demolition of houses in Bwana Mkubwa despite the action being an order of the High Court.

Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo has with immediate effect directed to stop the demolition exercise of houses by a private developer trading under the name Mulberry Development Limited in Bwana Mkubwa.

This is after UPND cadres ran amock yesterday burning the earth moving equipment and attacking police officers who went to effect the High Court order.

Matambo says it is unfortunate that government and the ruling party was not informed about the operation where many households will be affected following a court order being enforced by bailiffs.

“It is unacceptable that a private citizen armed with a court order can secretly without informing government decide to undertake such a sensitive operation where many lives of people are at stake. Such recklessness will not be torelated. ” The demolitions must be halted immediately to allow for consultations with all the stakeholders and government, ” he said.

Matambo, further, dismissed assertions circulating on social media alleging that the demolition exercise was being conducted with full knowledge of the UPND provincial executive Committee as false and malicious.

“I would like to dismiss the information being circulated on PF platforms that the demolition squard included the provincial and council officials as total lies, Government and the ruling party were not aware about this whole operation, ” Matambo said.

He has since warned all Local Authorities and private developers in the province to desist from sending graders to demolish people’s properties without informing the Minister’s office.

Residents of Katondo in Munkulungwe ward of Bwana Mkubwa constituency in Ndola, Wednesday, woke up to a rude shock when the bailiffs swang into action with a demolition order of housing units purported to have been built on a land belonging to a named private developer.


  1. Who is he to stop a court order. Is this how upnd is now going to control the judiciary which is supposed to be working independently? Let him also be cited for contempt of court and lock him up.


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