Surviving a Stroke After a Painful Divorce; The Becoming of Dr. Bishop. Rev Nkongolo


Surviving a Stroke After a Painful Divorce; The Becoming of Dr. Bishop. Rev Nkongolo

It’s now cliché to say, believe in yourself first, before anyone else can. The cliché can further be stretched: Keep on doing what you feel you’re purposed to do, and one day, you shall see the fruits of your perseverance.

Dr. Bishop Rev. Nkongolo, as we have all come to know him today, is a product of rejection and ridicule. He’s a product of perseverance, and self belief. He is, a product of several failed attempts at becoming, and countable successes.

I first met Mark Ziligone, aka Dr. Bishop Rev. Nkongolo in 2011, where we happened to be in the same Journalism school, and class. When some of us were struggling to acquaint ourselves with the school environment, Mark had already become a star around campus.

Being an outgoing person he is, a few weeks of being in school saw Mark already becoming the school’s favourite. He went on to represent the establishment at various fora, as a student.


I must make mention from the onset that, generally, Mark is a very funny person. Forget the Bishop you may know today. This guy naturally finds a way of fusing a joke, in almost every conversation he has with people. In school, Mark was seen as a joker each time he spoke, even when what he may have been attempting to communicate at that particular time, was something serious. What we knew him as, was that, he was an all time joker. Even the times Mark would propose love to a lady, the lady would mistake his proposal for a joke. That’s the kind of school comedian we knew. For his consistent comic character, he of all, received numerous rejections from girls.

As we studied journalism, it was quite apparent, Mark had journalism blood flowing through his veins. He was already running up and down, trying to do this and that with TV stations. His comedy too, had already been recorded on numerous CDs. He had been working with colleagues in the likes of Shikulu GC, where they produced the “Wise Fools”, in their early comedy days. He was called, Nkongolo Mulume. He went on to become Ziligonous The Entertainer, then, Dr. Bishop Rev. Nkongolo.

In school, we saw Mark as a joker. We didn’t see him hit big as he has done. All we knew was, this guy is funny, he’s a joker. We never saw that he actually was nurturing his craft to one day become what he is today.

Even when he was hit with very disturbing marital issues that led to his painful divorce, Mark Ziligone remained comedic, until a stroke hit him hard.

Of course, briefly, he paused on jokes, but even through a painful divorce, Mark continued working on himself. He never gave up on him. He believed that, all he was going through, was a place diamonds pass to reflect (shine-brighter). I can say, his decision to continue with comedy, SAVED HIS LIFE. He turned to comedy most often. Of course, God was present in all this, and HE surely walked with him, through it all.

Overloaded with the duties of fending for his only toddler son at that time, coupled with his demanding professional work at the public broadcaster, Mark miraculously survived a terrible stroke that hit him following a divorce with the mother of his boy.

Did Mark give up? No. He continued doing what he loved the most; comedy.

It was during these dark days Mark was subjected to, that he became Dr. Bishop Rev. Nkongolo. He discovered himself, during a time many give up on themselves. All this, can be said to have come to happen because he persevered through it all.

Becoming Dr. Bishop Rev. Nkongolo. What a journey my friend. Your becoming my brother, is inspirational, as I can touch every point you moved, to become the brand you’re today.

Some of you may be going through a divorce, rejections, illness or whatever that situation may be. Believe you me, pay attention during those times. God is speaking to you about something bigger and better.

Some people will put you in a dark place, and expect you to die because they think all that live, survive better where there’s light. Where there’re no troubles, or trials. But, people forget simple science that, seeds germinate best in darker environments than they would in light, as all-light is said to be an inhibitor of growth.


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