Swaziland Goes In An Internal Civil War As Country’s Defense Forces Aims Guns At Each Other



Ntfonjeni Soldiers were reportedly killed, others injured as members of the Swaziland International Solidarity Forces(SISF) invaded Zibonele MfelaNgubu Army Camp in the Northern Hhohho on Tuesday night.
Reached for comments,the Commander of the Solidarity Forces confirmed the attack and the killing of King Mswati’s soldiers.

Ntfonjeni is an elite special forces wing that is supposed to be the last line of King Mswati’s defence but turned against him however a compromised defense unity mounted the defense line to the royal palace.

“We are engaged in an ongoing operation that is exclusively targeting Mswati’s soldiers, who have been on the streets the past weeks brutalizing our people in a manner never witnessed before.This is, over and above that, we have always been aware that the army is among those who played a very major destructive role in the massacre of our people last year. Now that we have brought some resemblance or discipline on the police,we are now on a campaign to do same with soldiers and the OSSU is also on our horizon. We will continue to attack them with the intention of doing what they are doing to our civilians, which is killing them,” said the Commander of the Solidarity Forces.
Lieutenant Tengetile Khumalo, the Army Spokesperson said she was in a meeting and asked this journalist to send a message.
“Morning Dlamini, I am in a meeting, you can text,” she said.
A questionnaire was then sent to the Army Spokesperson, however, she responded briefly, saying the questionnaire has been noted.
“Your questionnaire is noted,” said the Army Spokesperson.
Information in CIC’s possession based in South Africa suggests that the Solidarity Forces arrived at around 8pm on Tuesday and began monitoring the soldiers who were sitting inside a tent.

In an audio recording sent to CIC journalist by one of the Solidarity Forces members who was part of the operation, a hail of bullets were subsequently fired at the Army Camp.

Upon firing the hail of bullets at the tent, one of the Solidarity Forces members is heard shouting at the soldiers saying, “fus….ki, phumani bo-g…(sensitive language withheld)”, the shooting lasted for about two(2) minutes.
It has been disclosed that there were five(5) soldiers within the tent.
Even though the Commander of the Solidarity Forces confirmed that other members of the military died on the spot, it could not be ascertained if all of them were killed.
Eswatini is in the midst of a political unrest after King Mswati unleashed his soldiers and the police to shoot and kill dozens of civilians, merely for demanding democracy hence his own forces rising against him.

CIC will give you Live updates as drama unfolds in the landlocked country within South Africa.


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