Thabo Mbeki Launches Scathing Attack on Jacob Zuma, Labels His Presidency as “Counter-Revolutionary Years”


In a fiery address at the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) Lekgotla, former ANC President Thabo Mbeki did not mince words as he launched a scathing attack on his successor, Jacob Zuma. The NEC had recently resolved to summarily suspend Zuma for violating the party’s constitution, leading to Mbeki’s condemnation of Zuma’s term of office as both Head of State and party President.

Mbeki, addressing the ANC’s elections commission at the NEC Lekgotla in Boksburg, characterized Zuma’s years in power as “counter-revolutionary,” asserting that they had resulted in failure and disaster for the ANC.

“It is counter-revolution that produced failure and disaster for the ANC,” Mbeki declared, emphasizing the detrimental impact of Zuma’s leadership on the party. Mbeki specifically pointed to the ten years of Zuma’s presidency as a period marked by a deliberate attempt to dismantle crucial institutions, citing the South African Revenue Service (SARS) as a primary target.

“He was directly involved in capturing and taking over SARS and subsequently Eskom,” Mbeki accused, laying blame on Zuma for the aggressive takeover of key government entities, particularly implicating him and Tom Moyane in the process of destruction.

Mbeki argued that these actions by Zuma have significantly contributed to the negative narrative surrounding the ANC government today, asserting that the capture of SARS and Eskom has played a substantial role in the country’s current challenges.

Speaking before the elections commission, Mbeki contextualized the ANC’s electoral fortunes by highlighting the stark contrast in the country’s economic performance over the years. He noted that between 1994 and 2007, there was positive economic growth, a thriving GDP, and a decrease in crime. However, he contended that from 2008 to the present, there has been a dramatic shift for the worse.

“He took over the process of destruction, him and Tom Moyane aggressively so,” Mbeki stated, blaming Zuma for the decline in economic indicators and the rise in challenges faced by the ANC government.

Thabo Mbeki’s strong condemnation adds another layer of tension within the ANC, as the party grapples with internal divisions and attempts to regain public trust ahead of upcoming elections.


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