By Rev Chilekwa M
Mon 11/06/2024

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

The Presidency in this Country is a good institution charged with the critical responsibility of the overall governance of Zambia and the safety of every citizen.
The Executive authority held by President Hichilema derives from the people of Zambiaand should be exercised in a manner compatible with the principlesof social justice and for the people’s well-being and benefit including those perceived to be on the opposite side. Zambia is a constitutional democracy and a Christian Nation.

The mandate of President Hichilema of the Republic of Zambia who is also Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces is derived from Articles 90 and 91 of the Constitution of Zambia Act No.2 of 2016. The Presidency is an institution ordained of God for the common good and not evil.

The abduction case of a serving Member of Parliament Hon JJ Banda of Petauke is now becoming a source of worry for a lot of well meaning Zambians. This issue should concern H.E the President Mr Hichilema and every sensible human being because it not making any sense the manner Hon JJ Banda is being treated at the hands of the Police under the watch of the President.

If a serving Member of Parliament can be subjected to such injustice and inhuman treatment where does it leave an ordinary citizen under this administration that promised to respect human rights? What interest is the State Police having over the issue of Hon JJ Banda’s abduction that he is now being treated unfairly?

We pray that God’s Spirit by the voice of conscience placed in man speaks to H.E the President to exercise a fatherly heart over the issue of Hon JJ Banda, “politics” aside, a citizen’s life is at stake. Whatever happens to Hon JJ Banda, the buck stops with you Mr President whose responsibility is to ensure the safety of every citizen in this Republic and justice tampered with mercy for all.

If Hon JJ has a case to answer why hasn’t he been taken to court? What about those he mentioned as his abductors, are they not suspects who should be summoned by the Police for questioning? What do you think the Police are doing to his family and the people who love him? Let the rule of law prevail and for once act as President for every Zambian.

What is happening concerning Hon JJ Banda’s matter is technically an injustice and should be challenged by every well meaning citizen. The life of Hon JJ Banda is at a risk. Life is precious and no one is permitted to participate in the termination of another man’s life. Politics of threatening people’s lives is diabolic and shouldn’t be supported in a democratic Christian Nation like ours.

We pray to God to take away peace from the hearts of all those involved in the unfair treatment of Hon JJ Banda wherever they are. What’s happening to Hon JJ Banda has the potential of building something in people that we may soon regret. Please lets do the right thing over Hon JJ’s abduction case.

We call upon the Church across the Nation not to remain silent over Hon JJ Banda’s issue, please speak out and interceed for the life of Hon JJ Banda. Let Hon JJ Banda live. Mercy and Justice ⚖️ for all.

Ndola, Copperbelt, Zambia.



  1. Mune Chilekwa, sometimes tondolo musuma. Let the police do their work and you can raise questions at the appropriate time. If Lingu and Nawakwi could vehemently lie, for years, that someone sold the mines, when government was responsible for the mines, but when Nawakwi is asked to provide evidence, she draws cold feet, could it be possible that JJ is capable of doing the same? I don’t know the answer. Epali JJ and friends balefwika abantu bakaele amala ya mbushi? These are politicians and they know what you do not know. I think sometimes you clergy fellas are misguided, calm down. Bembas say something like (I stand to be corrected) “Bwanga (or is it bwamba) bwandi lala tumone imichindile yabakaya.” (Don’t worry about my poor Bemba, I had a good “9” pa form five ku ma early 70s. Lol

  2. But if a sitting member of parliament a honourable for that matter can misbehave like a common criminal, what do you expect the law enforcement ‘police’to treat him. And you want to mislead the nation that this is injustice. That’s nonsy

  3. The state should come clean on this matter. They should just state that they want to revisit the case in which JJ urinated on a journalist and beat up some policemen. If the state can appeal the punishment JJ was given, let them do so.

    But abducting citizens is a big no go!

    Zambians can not be managed like cattle.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

  4. SHUT UP Stupid idiot chi reverand chabu SATANA! Why side with well known crooks like jjbanda. He asked for it and it is being given to him. How does the back stop at HH? But chi PF mistreated HH in opposition so badly you cant compare where were you? But this jjbanda created his own bad circunstances. And PF of jjbanda gassed pipo where were you? That same jjbanda urinated into the mouth of another person where were you? Let jjbanda face the consequencies of his mischief, no mercy to such characters who thot you can still do all sorts of lawlessness under the HH govt even if you are out of power. You will cry.

  5. My take,Rev.Chilekwa, don’t bring the President near this matter.He is not God or magician to tell you what happened on that particular day.The president doesn’t interfere with matters that are at police and are being investigated.That is not his job.He may only use his prerogative of mercy to pardon those in prison serving some prison sentence.Why some of you clergy men want to comment on issues with traits of political biasness and indications of sympathy with intent of painting one black for not attending to police cases.The Police have seen a lot of cases,they are expirienced.They have seen complicated matters probably more than JJ’s.Banda will report his abductors to police as long as he has evidence to prove his allegations.Politics followed this case so much such that even you the clergy have jumped in the band wagon .But time plays a role in certain matters .The hospital can not discharge a patient who is presenting seizures or fainting.That may be sign of insufficient oxygen in the blood stream or low blood pressure or any thing like low level of glucose.Doctors are doing their work away from detectives’ duties.Zambia has qualified doctors who are either police officers or soldiers.Let the people work just concentrate on prayers all shall be well in the name of God.

  6. Well written Reverend! You can see the unwarranted insults on to you who is giving very good free advise to Hichilema! But look at the names of people insulting! These people will cry. They have made the people of Zambia go through a lot of pain and suffering. God’s time is the best , they will cry and cry and they will be punished by the Almighty Jehovah God of Abraham! Whatever the insults , Hichilema is the one behind all this suffering innocent people of Zambia like Jay Jay Banda are going through, of course he’s in charge of the police force, why doesn’t he stop them if he knows nothing. And at his press conference last week he talked about people who went to beat the police at Lusaka central police station, that the law will take it’s course. Implying he’s in support of what the police force are doing. But let him be assured that power is temporal, one day he will not have this power he is mis applying. And other people will have the power and will be at liberty to mis apply it on him and his followers! He should come and cry tribalism! By the under Hichilema , Jack Mwimbu and I. G. Musamba it’s no longer Zambia Police Service, it’s Zambia Police Force!

  7. So this so called reverend wants HH to personality interfere in the case of JJ? Nonsense. Then you will accuse him of controlling the police and the about you ba reverend talking to JJ and advising him to tell the truth because what he is saying sounds like a useless movie. Why do you and people like you sanction wrong doing?

  8. We have to types of people who are interested, intelligent and capable of understanding and analysing the situation at hand.

    Secondly,we have people are hired or paid ,unintelligible, uninterested, in anything at hand and lack the ability to analyse or put themselves into the shoes of those people facing shortcomings because they want to make the master happy by dismissing or denying, ignoring the truth.
    In psychiatry are known attention seeking individuals or emotional unstable personality individuals they do not have any feeling for others it’s about them and they will do anything to seek attention. Generally the gall in the category of narcissistic personalities. Easy to blame the victims as the perpetrators.
    Look at what these guys hired at State house following their fellow citizens the insults and threats or victim blaming mentality. It’s not shocking but just sad chapter.

    Those standing up for the truth and on the side of those marginalised, oppressed, vulnerable, voiceless and the handicapped, do not lose hope because the light is is till burning at the end of the tunnel, we are just standing in front of blocks of darkness under this administration.
    People of light, do not use anger, hatred, or inflict pain with your language with your fellow human beings. Be at peace because the good Lord is always on your side . Pray not to fall into temptation. Where there is hanger , provide the little food to your friends, where there is hatred , preach peace and harmony, where there is sadness cultivate sense of belonging and happiness. Where there tension. ,bring good news to the needy and oppressed. Where there is the feeling of hopelessness bring hope to people, God to people and people closer to God where they can find comfort and peace. Pray for this great Nation each time you go to bed and wake up, be the light and salt of this great nation.


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