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Last week, I asked “Why are all the court cases – three in the Lusaka High Court, one in the Constitutional Court – involving the State-supported Miles Sampa versus the main opposition Patriotic Front only given to Lozi-speaking judges?”

This week, “The Judiciary of Zambia” issued a rare press statement in response to my post (see attached), branding the questions I posed as ‘careless and baseless statements’ that ‘undermine the judiciary…jeopardize the integrity of the legal system and have a direct effect on investor confidence.’

I can ignore the effort when it is ruling party-aligned intellectuals and civil society actors who attempt to discredit my name. This is because I do understand – and I am even sympathetic to – the primary impulses that are causing individuals including those in academia and civil society today to betray public interest and identify themselves with the ruling elite. In an impoverished country like Zambia where the state is the dominant employer, the ability to stay alive requires association with the government of the moment. The price of dissenting, of challenging the government, of being in the minority, is very high. I know this from personal experience under this administration and previous governments. I do not accept it, however, when this role of attacking government critics is taken up by “The Judiciary of Zambia”, which according to the Constitution of Zambia, consists of the Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, subordinate courts, small claims courts, local courts, and any other courts as prescribed by Parliament.

I feel aggrieved that the judiciary is tarnishing my reputation, insulting my integrity, and questioning my capacity to decide what is careless and baseless. Now since the “The Judiciary of Zambia” has already pronounced itself on this matter, where do I go to get justice?

Look out for my in-depth paragraph-by-paragraph response to the response from “The Judiciary of Zambia”.


  1. Am not getting it , Chocho Situmbeko ( Lozi) is alone handling the PF case, even Katenekwa was alone , and Judge Sililo Siloka ( Lozi) is also alone. Judge Mulife is Lozi. What Directions is the Judiciary letter talking about? Judge Situmbeko has been making orders, discharging her own orders after 24hours without any inter parte hearing , and yet to rule on the PF case having received submissions from both parties…and she is alone!
    I can’t see the Panels the Judiciary Letter is talking about ?
    Lawyer Sangwa SC requested for a panel of Judges to hear the case of the PF Presidential Candidates against Miles Sampa, well he got Judge Sililo Siloka ( Lozi ) as sole judge. The Constitutional court has been packed with Lozis and Tongas…So what is our Judiciary saying in it’s response to Dr Sishuwa’ s concerns, that Judges are cherry picked for PF cases? Some of those tuma small small cases listed to present a semblance of variety, are just what they are , decorations, and anyone can see through this .

  2. Sishuwa Sishuwa should be sensible and not be carried away by his foolish and baseless attacks on institutions such as the Judiciary. He can be arrested for contempt of the courts.
    It’s like he bitter because he hasn’t gotten what he had expected from someone.

    • Uhmmmm, stop being petty! Dr. SISHUWA’S observations authentic &undisputable! Or, do you want to point out where he errored in pointing out the shenanigans in the judiciary?!
      Please, learn to be sensible &read to understand, rather than exposing shallowness on public social media platform..

  3. What is the substance in this matter ? PF is a tribal Party and lozis are hateful against the tribal owners of that Party ? Lozis are a biased people and unschooled to make impartial judgements? I am not getting it really, but argument sounds very tribal.

  4. Fuledi and side chick shuwa2 are hell bent on championing the tribal line and think Zambians will buy into it for some stupid reason. Mwine Chisushi tried and look were it landed him. . . .Jailed and ifisushi got rp him bad ending up feigning sickness lije a typical pfidiot! Fuledi and shuwa2 will end the same!!!!

  5. Well done to the Judiciary for a measured response with facts and evidence of how cases were allocated by the Judge- In-Charge. Our learned lecturer at a university, who is not even a practising lawyer, knows nothing about how the system works, and should not think he can say anything, evening demeaning and insulting the Judiciary and get away with it. There are other people with more knowledge and intelligence. He should join politics.


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