The Kwacha Music Awards’ Voting Proved That Attitude Can Take You Where Talent Cant- Yo Maps Has To Reconcile With His Fans- Saboi Imboela



One of my favourite quotes as an artist was that ATTITUDE CAN TAKE YOU WHERE TALENT CAN’T. No matter how talented you are, always check your attitude, because art is hugely dependent on the people that buy your music, tickets for gigs, etc. I say this as advise to my young brother Yo Maps, he’s one of the most talented artists and so he needs to check the attitude that has brought him into conflict with his fans and make amends. Arts, like sports and other social activities, should be a uniting factor, something that other countries even use to enhance social cohesion and nation building. It’s only in Zambia where we even undermine art, sports and their uniting factor in the broader picture of national unity, foreign policy and development.

So to see art become so political, divisive and brutal, as we saw last night is something that needs urgent attention. And from what I have noticed, Yo Maps, his management and his spouse are all not helping things. Instead of helping to build where he is weak they are causing more damage and adding fuel to the fire. BUT it is not too late, let him make amends. ALL three of them have to work together to rebuild his public image. People are dancing to his songs but voting against him. So while they are still dancing, let them reconcile, because if this beef continues, even dancing to his songs will be a problem.

Having said that, one of the best examples of a person who has a great attitude and management is Chef 187. The first day I spoke to his manager some years ago before he even blew up to be one of the biggest artists in the country, I knew that it was just a matter of time and he would be. And indeed it came to be in no time and I would always hear many people comment and praise him and his manager. So his massive talent, humility and great management have brought him thus far, and it will take him to places that many can just dream about. That’s what attitude does. Even less talented artists can actually become bigger than the more talented ones if their attitude is right.

Finally, great job Kwacha MUSIC Awards for yet another extraordinary and entertaining event. We really enjoyed ourselves. And to the Zambian public, you proved your point, now let the young man be lol. Love him or hate him Yo Maps is a very talented artist and it is my hope that there is some form of reconciliation between him and the public so that he continues to do what he does best- to make good music and you also do what you do best- to dance to that music.

Issued by

Saboi Imboela

President- NDC.


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