The liquidation of KCM was a criminal enterprise…a single individual surrendering $24 million is not Childs Play- Nalolo MP

Hon Imanga Wamunyima Jr-Nalolo MP
Hon Imanga Wamunyima Jr-Nalolo MP


The liquidation of KCM was a criminal enterprise. While we understand the issues that led to the state taking over, a single individual surrendering $24 million is not Childs Play. Mr Milingo Lungu was capable of funding 20 constituencies with the enhanced CDF from his bank account. While numerous suppliers remained owed and workers remained unpaid we had such theft with impunity.

By the way mines which include KCM have been declaring losses for many years yet an individual accrued this much from its liquidation. While this recovery should have really ended up in a conviction and not consent judgement, the recovery is commendable.

A crop of such leaders have no moral right to ever want to rule this country ever again.


Hon Imanga Wamunyima Jr-Nalolo MP


  1. Don’t take us for fools. One liquidator who subsisted on our state companies…who can’t explain how he became a Billionaire is there enjoying the Privatization loot. Let him
    explain how he became a Billionaire…the Kalingalinga house nonsense only makes sense to Praise Thugs and Tribal Zealots..
    The KCM liquidator has surrendered his loot. The Privatization criminal should also surrender what he has looted from Zambia’s resources and Assets…and he will
    definitely be forced to do so…the time will come.

    • You’re the biggest idiot this country has if you are Zambian
      Your crook was taken to court instead he opted for concent judgement
      You were in power you criminals for more than ten years, why didn’t you take HH7 to court? Nawakwi was cabinet minister why didn’t she take him to court? Mulenya mulelapila
      Stop being stupid and for your information HH7 will rule this country beyond 2031, by that time you will be dead from jealousy and frustration
      Even now you with Nawakwi can take him to any court anywhere in the world and he will prove to you that you are a bunch of stupid idiots
      Leave the man alone to dig out more of your criminality

  2. This does not matter anymore in Zambia. The criminal prosecution function of the Zambian state is flat on its belly.

  3. We know that is what you are and what you do you thieves each time you are cornered. We have lived with you long enough and only God knows why we shared a country with such people. Stealing is in your DNA. You are failing to condemn the obvious instead you bring in non issues to justify your stupidity.

  4. Now ba mp look beyond liquidation but to the plunder of the same mine by the indian owner who this government has brought back if you knew the amounts he was syphoning from this mine every month you will carry out a lone protest in parliament.
    So what milingo did was a continuation of grand plunder.
    I weep for this Nation.

  5. Imagine how much ECL and minions got from KCM if Milingo Lungu managed to get $24 million?
    If this does not shock Zambians then nothing will!
    If Zambians are not able to link their current suffering to the PF criminal enterprise, then we are finished as a country!
    Unfortunately, votes are won or lost muma komboni!
    Politicians don’t waste time campaigning in Kabulonga.
    They would rather go to Chawama and other ghettos where Desperation reigns!
    Thank you New Dawn for establishing this level of banditry that dogged this country! But treat it as a tip of the iceberg!
    This is enough ground to lift someone’s immunity to explain why such impropriety was happening under his watch!
    Such plunderers deserve the Death penalty!


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