By Anthony Bwalya

Make no mistake about this: that the world now knows precisely how delinquent and rogue President Edgar Lungu and his entire government really are.

This is the same President who allowed Finance Minister Dr. Bwalya Ngandu to get onto an ultra sensitive call with our Eurobond creditors without having taken care to answer some of the most basic questions around which our creditors required answers.

In a moment of pure mental short circuit, they sabotaged Zambia’s image and destroyed our relationship with international money lenders. What kind of recklessness is this!!!!

President Lungu allowed Dr. Ngandu to lie to our creditors on a whole range of issues, and it took zero amount of time for our creditors to declare the request toilet sit material and rejected it.

And it is very clear to see what this guy’s obsession is: to cling on to political power by eliminating Mr. Hakainde Hichilema off the ballot.

How can a whole President, be spending time receiving junk requests on the steps of State House when the country’s economy is about to burn? Does this gentleman understand the kind of trouble his government has put all of us into?

Let me remind him and his government, that once this economy falls flat and people no longer can feed their families or unable to access healthcare, or when companies begin to close because of a crushing local currency, the public will demand for the immediate resignation of his government or the people will protest him out of office.

He thinks this is a game of poker lol



























  1. The cat is out of the bag. Collectively, Zambians are fools that is why they can chose someone who is not wise to be in State house and allow him to continue being there after showing his true colors.

  2. When youths with genuine concerns with 90% support of normal Zambians want to protest, you send them into the bush, when fellow thieves who have embarrassed normal Zambians by stealing donor funds for which under clean administration their balls should be hanging under prison uniforms, come up with lies and deceit, you open wide the first gates? What kind of humans are you without an iota of shame kanshi? Do you not have any intelligence to read the mood in the country? Cursed be the day anyone of you was born. Let your evil works bring you more pain and suffering as rewards. It shall never never be well with you.

  3. Some people are just plain dull and unfortunately nothing can be done to help them.
    Assuming HH whom they are accusing and targeting surrendered all his wealth, will that make these people’s lives better when the billions of dollars of money that the government has borrowed has not made the economy and their lives better?
    Instead of demanding for really meaningful things like government accountability, better services in government institutions, stopping corruption among other things, they are busy with an issue which will not help them but will even make their lives worse because the man they are targeting has been contributing greatly to the country.
    I feel really ashamed to be Zambian at this time, we seem to be directionless because of such people.
    May God really have mercy on us, we deserve so much better than what we have right now.

  4. A bunch of misled youths not even privy to goings on behind the curtains and are supporting a cause they know and understand nothing about! They have gained free T-shirts and “some cash” to have themselves paraded! In their innocent minds they will return to their niches and start brooding over issues/challenges that eat deep into their minds, yet but for the moments they marched in support of the petition they were zombies! Arise to the occasion and speak for the future you think you deserve for yourselves and not be cheated into relishing sponsored causes where you are only pawns in a chess game!

  5. Just wondering how much they were paid for this. The person they presented their petition to is one of the people who was in the privatisation. How stupid or desperate can people be.

  6. This looks to have been a well funded demonstration, T-shirts and look at the quality of the banners. We can wonder were the funds came from.

  7. Clearly these youths are blank and know nothing about what happened back then.they were not even born by then.they follow a person like ntewewe who is trying to run away from jail time.the youths were given first class treatment protesting over useless things.bflow and friends had genuine issues but we saw police all over town in riot gear looking for them .ba presido is really surrounded by wrong people and he has no wisdom to discern.i feel for my zambia and this is so sad and disappointing.


  9. It’s sad that our country has sunk to such levels where mediocrity is advocated for more than objectivity. It’s so painful to see young people being used like toilet tissue.

    Zambia deserves better than what is currently obtaining. Very shameful!

  10. It’s now very clear that Lungu is shameless and ready to sacrifice Zambia at the alter of selfish desires. If left to his devices, Lungu and PF first shed blood before leaving power. I think the wife has seen this self destructive trajectory path the husband she knew very little of at the time of their marriage when he was a broke and struggling lawyer has taken and decided to distance herself from such bad history since the gassing of the nation took place. Is her AWOL a coincidence?


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