Those Practicing LGBTQ Are Also Your Relatives So Stop The Blame Game And Be Part Of The Solution- Judith Kabemba

Judith Kabemba


20th September 2022

It is clear that a national stance on LGBTQ has been given that Zambia is a Christian national and hence LGBTQ has been rejected. What remains now is for all of us to play our part in ensuring that this vice is uprooted from our societies permanently.

This is not time for blame games and finger pointing, but it is rather time for all critical sectors to be part of the solution.

Suffice to note that those in leadership may try to promote and uphold national values yet our people still drift from the norms of society. Critical sectors must all come together and fight this foreign and ungodly vice.

Further, we do not expect any surprises from government after stating their stance on this subject.

Going forward, law enforcement agencies should ensure that they begin prosecuting those abrogating the laws of Zambia as enshrined in our constitution and in our statutes.

Zambia is a Christian nation, a nation of laws rather than that of men. Our laws criminalises homosexuality and lesbiansm hence those breaking the law must be prosecuted regardless of who is involved.

Secondly, the role of the civil society and the church at this critical time must be well defined and executed.

As DP we want to appeal to the Church to take up the responsibility of preaching salvation because messages on salvation which should lead people to Christ are scarce in churches nowadays. Counselling and offering spiritual guidance should be intensified by the clergy.

Most importantly the church must go on its knees and begin to pray for this country. It must worry the church that Zambia, which is a Christian nation and with so many churches is having people, its citizenry drifting away from biblical teachings and openly begin to advocate for things such as gayism and lesbiansm. This situation poses a danger to the Christian fraternity and it calls for the Church to be part of a solutions.

Thirdly, the family organisations should be at the centre stage in fighting the vice. Families need to help inculcate morals in their members because people who are involved in LGBTQ are not aliens, but people who come from our families.

While others maybe carrying out propaganda and politicking over these serious matters, remember you may just discover that it is your daughter or son, sister or brother even aunties or uncles who are deeply rooted in LGBTQ. Has each one of us ever thought of how devastating it could be to learn that the wife in the gay marriage is actually your relative from your family. Let us not pretend about this matter. It is a situation we are confronted with and together let’s help our country overcome it.

Issued by

Judith Kabemba
DP NEC Member



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