Ulendo, Yango,


  1. RATSA, Please do your sensible work.

    Let the ridesharing and online cabs flourish. The economy is biting so people also put their vehicles in the service.

    In Chipata City people pack taxi in the turning lane at the Traffic lights outside spar. Honda taxi operate without any papers. I dont mean papers of registering taxi, I mean no documents, no insurance, no number plate, nothing at all. They all operate with impunity.

    If you want to register these taxis, please be abit modern. Offer an online registration where documents and the drivers licence can be submitted online and payment also processed online.

    Coz your offices are always conjested.

  2. Why are RATSA premises so dirty? Management must be so ashamed. There’s no pavers and customers just park Vehicles in the dust and when it rains it’s just a mess but management see nothing wrong with that. The entrance and exits have huge potholes you can only dream of. I have been to Kitwe and Ndola RATSA offices. It’s disgusting. There’s truly no leadership here and it’s not about lack of funds. Let’s take pride in our jobs and do the basics right.


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