UNZA students loot shops to protest cancellation of UNZASU elections


UNZA students loot shops to protest cancellation of UNZASU elections

HUNDREDS of students from the University of Zambia, the country’s highest learning institution which is known to have more riots than graduation ceremonies last night ran amok, breaking into shops, looting from them and stonning cars.

The students were angered by the cancellation of students union elections.

The angry students blocked Great East road with drums, stones, burnt tyres and started stoning motor vehicles.

According to police, the students also broke into five shops within the university and made away with various groceries whose value is yet to be established.

Police responded quickly and prevented further looting and damage as they arrested 10 people including five students slightly after midnight.

“Police officers have been deployed around the campus and are monitoring the situation and investigations into the matter are still ongoing,” Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga told Kalemba in a statement.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



  1. It is appropriate to ask this very important question of whether our Education system is working properly. Why is the highest institution education producing thugs and potential criminals who attack the very public paying them through taxes, instead of producing rational thinkers.

    Is this a attempt of keeping a tradition of parasites within the students who break things to have their way or be heard. Whoever is in support of this nonsense needs to jump into the Victoria falls because they are irrelevant for our logical times. We need to deal with this stupid behavior and foolishness of destroying public property. Otherwise the public will we soon inevitably retaliate in self defence and teach these stupid students a lesson.

    Things are expensive as things stands without a senseless foolish act of a student making it worse by destroying a property they have not invested in. We are very angry about this foolishness going on.

    The violent reaction was absurd, irresponsible and very stupid. The response to an internal memorandum leaves much to be desired as it only needed dialogue and thinking. Not breaking cars and looting shops. What kind of stupidity is this.

    We demand for sanity in these institution. Those found wanting must be expelled and made to face the full extent of the law. Maybe it is important to expose all incoming to students to psychological evaluation before they are admitted. I think we have some mad people with the students. How else can one describe this absurd behavior.

    The leaders of the Students Union need to tasked to explain why they failed to handle this simple issue at a time when exams are taking place.

    All person’s affected adversely ought to be compensated by the University who must pay for the damages caused. They in turn can recover from the students. Stating with the leaders of the Students Union.

    It is high time we teach these irresponsible kids accountability. You don’t destroy other peoples property just because you want to be heard. Let them go tire up the text books or burn their own clothes instead. Let’s see how that makes them be heard.This is grooming criminal attitudes in the highest institution of learning.

    For now , we are very disturbed and disappointed about this important institution which is slowly turning to be a place of grooming and harboring criminals. Next time in self defence these kids may be slaughtered by someone not ready to lose all his life’s work on a premise of a nonsense reason of violence.

    May the authorities quickly and decisively deal with this very unprofessional and foolish behavior.

    A very angry tax payer.


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