Upholding Democracy: The Perilous Path of Constitutional Amendments

Dr. Mwelwa

Upholding Democracy: The Perilous Path of Constitutional Amendments

By Dr Mwelwa

In the aftermath of a historic election, Zambians find themselves in a unique position, witnessing a government that promises change and progress. However, recent developments regarding proposed constitutional amendments have raised concerns about the credibility and intentions of the ruling party, the United Party for National Development (UPND).

The UPND’s track record, since assuming power, has been one tainted with controversy, disregard for constitutional protocols, and a worrying abuse of state organs and institutions. This troubling behavior, coupled with a Speaker who appears biased and compromised, paints a dire picture for the nation’s democracy.

One cannot help but question the legitimacy of a parliament where members are stifled, interrupted, and even suspended for daring to express dissenting views. How can a meaningful and robust debate take place under such restrictions? The suppression of free speech raises concerns about the transparency and openness of the legislative process.

The proposed constitutional amendments put forward by the UPND government should be met with deep skepticism. The speed at which these amendments have been pushed forward, without adequate stakeholder engagement or a clear legal roadmap, raises suspicions about their true intentions.

The disregard for the law and the constitution exhibited by the UPND is alarming. It is reminiscent of the controversial “TOXIC BILL 10” that sparked widespread public opposition just a few years ago. Many citizens fought against it, recognizing that it posed a danger to the democratic system they hold dear.

The UPND’s current proposals only further fuel concerns about their commitment to democratic values. From calls to extend presidential terms to reverting to an appointed Vice-President, it seems that the party is more interested in consolidating power than in upholding the principles of accountability and democratic governance.

The erosion of checks and balances, as evidenced by the proposal to remove the Running Mate clause and the shift from the 50%+1 electoral system, sets a dangerous precedent. It opens the door to potential abuse and manipulation, threatening the fairness and integrity of future elections.

Citizens must remain vigilant and resolute in their demand for a transparent, inclusive, and people-driven constitutional process. The future of democracy in Zambia depends on their active engagement and unwavering commitment to safeguarding their rights.

As we reflect on the recent past, it becomes clear that constitutional refinement requires more than the involvement of technocrats; it necessitates meaningful participation from the people. Previous attempts at constitutional review have been marred by political interference and a failure to truly listen to the voices of the citizens.

Democracy cannot be a mere facade, an empty shell devoid of substance. It requires a robust and independent judiciary, a check on executive power, and a constitution that truly represents the aspirations and values of the people.

The UPND government’s proposal to hastily amend the constitution without proper consultation and stakeholder engagement is a cause for concern. It poses a serious threat to the democratic fabric of the nation.

Let us remember the lessons from the past and rise above political bias. Let us demand an accountable, transparent, and participatory approach to constitutional amendments. Zambia’s democracy deserves nothing less. Together, we must ensure that the people’s voice is heard, and their rights and freedoms are protected.


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