Patrotic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee in charge of information and Publicity Raphael Nakachinda said the United Party for National Development (UPND) will make history as a one-term party.

Speaking when he addressed party officials in the Kabwata constituency, Mr. Nakacinda said that the former ruling party will not give the UPND chance until they sober up.

“We are winning the Kabwata election for Zambians. Clement Tembo will be a symbol of the victory for Zambians in parliament. Instead of addressing the issue of their planned demolition of houses in Mapuloto area in Kabwata to pave way for a shopping mall, they arrest us and put us behind bars for proposing violence.,” he said.

“We are not afraid of arrests. UPND is a one-term party and President HH has already acknowledged that when he said he is not seeking re-election in 2026,” Mr. Nakachinda said.

Mr. Nakachinda who is campaign manager in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election said instead of arresting PF officials on trumped-up charges, the UPND Government should focus on delivering on their campaign promises.

Mr. Nakachinda said the fear of losing the Kabwata parliamentary by-election is giving the UPND sleepless nights and hence tying, by all means, to have the PF candidate Clement Tembo arrested.

“The Kabwata polls will determine the future of the country as it will show If Zambians are happy with how they voted in 2021. UPND has accepted that elections are a problem for them in Kabwata and hence plotting to arrest Clement Tembo so that they disadvantage him,” Mr. Nakachinda said.

“God will protect him and PF will not give UPND a chance. We need to remove fear, if we do so, we will not liberate Zambians. Late President Sata and former President Edgar Lungu were brave that’s why PF managed to rule the country,” He adds.
And Mr. Nakachinda said the 2021 election loss has taught the PF a bitter lesson and is moving towards amending its mistakes ahead of the 2026 general elections.

“Selfishness contributed to elections loss and some publicly displayed money which angered Zambians. We humble ourselves before Zambians and ask for forgiveness.

The loss has taught us bitter lessons. Things are bad in the country and we need to fight back and work together in order to liberate Zambians,” Mr. Nakachinda said.


  1. There is completely no message why people should vote for you, typical PF. Even if UPND were to be a one-term party, the alternative can never and will never be PF.

  2. This man Nakachinda should be ashamed of himself and PF party at large, a well meaningful person could not be going around making provoking statements against the UPND,this man belongs to a party which has no message,their message is corruption,carderism, nepotism,theft,break of rule of law etc. I don’t know why the campaigning team for UPND are relating this message not only to voters in kabwata but Zambians at large. Dr.Chishimba kambwili has publicly held press conferences were he has challenged the PF on this vices and it will be interesting to hear how he is going to reverse his earlier accusations to the PF regarding corruption,carderism, nepotism,theft, breaking of rule of law etc.

  3. He is mmd and the pf members are letting a step child destroy their party. The step children in the party are the ones in front. Tribalism , hatred, violence , arrogance and lack of respect for other people is what pf stands for. You said upnd will never rule, well it’s in power. You say it’s a one term party, we shall see. You said pf will rule 100 yrs , well are you still ruling? Foolish men always want to deceive the people.

  4. Politics of finger pointing my boss is long gone in Zambia, provide checks and balances to what are you going to do for Kabwata people which you did not do in 8years in power chapwa, not this party is one term party as if you are in the hearts of suffering Zambians.

  5. Ba Nakachinda you want to liberate Zambians??? How dare journalists allow this man to make hurtful statements like this without challenge. Just on who enslaved Zambians in the first place??? Journalists must learn to ask these people critical questions, it’s like you are still so afraid of politicians, or do they pay you to give them a voice? You just don’t report what PF is saying, ask them the questions Zambians are also seeking answers to. Journalists must apply their learning, be analytical of both sides and provide talking points that are relevant for reflecting on as a Nation. PF does not deserve respect and the kind of attention after treating us like slaves when they ruled this country. Let journalists give voice to an opposition that is showing promise of integrity and intelligence on matters of national posterity. PF was an oppressive regime and a criminal enterprise, let us all put them to rest and work on newer ideas that will not draw us back.


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