As the race to Kabwata nears, United Progressive People (UPP) Parliamentary Candidate in the forthcoming by-elections Francis Libanda who backed off from the race has run away with the campaign vehicle.

His move to withdraw from the race despite being 100% sponsored by the UPP left the party president Saviour Chishimba, who still yearns to have his member represent the people of Kabwata clueless of what was happening.

Ignorant of what is happening, Mr Chishimba told the media that he has not received any letter from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) with regards to the matter in question.

“We, in the United Progressive People (UPP), have not received any official communication from Comrade Francis M. Libanda on the reported withdrawal from the Kabwata Parliamentary by election. Noting that there is a letter which is purportedly submitted by him to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), we are expecting ECZ to officially communicate with us. This is predicted on the fact that we are 100% the sponsors of his candidature,” he said.

He said efforts to reach Libanda has proved futile since last week Friday.

“Our patriotic and national interests in the matter must be noted. Our efforts to reach him have failed. Our last contact with him was on Friday, 7 January, 2022 at a shopping mall where he was seen with the vehicle that the party gave him. The party spokesperson will issue a comprehensive statement when we receive official communication from the ECZ.”

“Our nation is yearning for genuine saviours who will put national interests before self. It remains our genuine desire to be given the chance to work with the people of Kabwata for the transformation of the constituency into a model city within a city,” said Mr Chishimba.-ZR



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