1. It is true. Bowman has done a lot for his constituency. Kabushi is his if they allow him to stand.

    Any one that thinks otherwise is either deluded or a praise singer. Same thing really.

    • Only those who have never been to this constituency can praise Bowman. i personally failed to drive in any of the roads and even asked the people there where Lusambo was going to sonta apo abombele. The response was shame shame and shame. So saying there much Bowman has done is like saying there more the Devil has done to put the world where it is today.

    • Robinhood stole from the rich to give the poor. So Biowman was stealing from who? We need to know his sudden source of wealth as soon as he took up public office while a number of people are pursing him for not paying back his debts. Becareful ichisungu temunobe, do not compare this thug with Robinhood.

  2. Lusambo is a very generous young man. Even here in Lusaka, he used to give people who used to camp for their money lunches at his office. It is not just Kabushi where he helps people. Even people outside his constituency have benefited a lot from Lusambo. And you call that corruption.The guy is a gifted giver and not a corrupt person. Am not sure on his violent behaviour. That one I can’t comment much.

    • Why wasn’t he generous when he was a diehard MMD thug? He became generous after getting kick backs from Chinese business and other business houses when he was first Copperbelt Provincial Minister then Lusaka Province Minister. It’s a well known fact that PF members registered proxy companies. Those PF top officials told cadres and close associates to register companies and give those companies government tenders and later share the lot which was actually inflated. Anti Corruption Commission know this. No wonder Lusambo and others became generous.

  3. kabushi people must not be owned by lusambo! Why he gives like this is he knows that it is stolen money. People of Kabushi, please get your money from Bowman, He stole from you, now is the time to get what is yours but do not vote for him. Since he is a chilila lila he should cry in Kabushi. We want to change the narrative of buying people in order to win elections. We should be campaigning with real issues. The woman talking is a PF surrogate drunk with PF way of doing politics. However, Bowman was at one time campaigning in Roan constituency where PF destroyed the economy of this country by flooding Roan with billions of Kwacha. Throwing money on the streets, people picked money but never voted for them. KABUSHI TAKE A LEAF FROM THAT.

  4. He should be allowed to stand so that he can be silenced for good. If he is barred from standing he will make a lot of noise saying HH is afraid of him.
    “Am not sure on his violent behaviour.!? Well evidence is a plenty on that. He beat up a Mr. Kachingwe at his MMD office. He slapped someone at parliament. He used to extract people from minibuses for simply not wearing a mask. A minister in government should have been dishing out masks, not violently extracting people.


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