“EASTERNERS FORM UMODZI KUM’MAWA….To challenge UPND after being sidelined by HH”

By: Prof Edgar Ng’oma~ Philosopher political/analyst.

Here we go again, the press which is the fourth estate in any governance system, which is a very important tool whose purpose in a democratic governance system such as ours has a duty to inform, educate and entertain, but not to cause confusion as it is trying to do here.

We the people of Eastern Province will not allow any one to divide us nor smash us with the people’s choice of government with a 5 year mandate to prevail over the affairs of the nation not until August 2026.

We the easterners are now more united than any time before because this around and this particular generation of easterners understand that our solutions do not lay in politicians but in collective wisdom of the wise from the East. And no, we are not a political outfit and we will not turn into one. But we are a Patriotic economic emanicipation outfit to reduce poverty levels in our province. This is why we are here.

The headline is véry misleading and false with its intentions to cause a bash between peaceful and loving citizens of Eastern Province of Zambia with the current new dawn government.
This kind of journalism is not only misleading but very dangerous, because it is this kind of journalism that fueled the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Now, this newspaper just wants to create animosity and rift between this new dawn government and the people of Eastern province whose formation of an interactive WhatsApp platform is not anywhere nearer forming a political movement or political outfit to unseat or challenge anyone or any government. Listen to the intentions and purposes of the people of Eastern Province.


This writer received a call on Thursday 30th November 2023 from one of the founder members of the WhatsApp group dubbed UMODZI KUM’MAWA which has hit headlines in today’s Zambian newspapers .He is a Mr. Tembo who I have never known in my life and spoke to him for the first time.

“Prof. Ng’oma, my names are Mr. Tembo and I come from Nyimba “

Prof. Ng’oma; ” Yes Mr. Tembo, how can I be of help to you sir? Let me listen what you need to say.”

I waited for his elaborate explanation and I will summarise it for you because in his introduction he explained that he knows me also because he was with my “Twin brother” (actually he is my young brother)Evans Kazonga Ng’oma Buyzed Campaign CEO/ Founder at Chizongwe secondary school in Chipata who is the person who shared with him my contact details.

Tembo: ” I have called to find out about your smart city projects especially so that one of it is proposed to be developed in Nyimba district, as I hail from Nyimba district in Senior Chief Ndaka’s chiefdom.”
He continued as I listened.

“We, the people of Nyimba are very interested in your smart city projects because of obvious reasons. Youth unemployment will end, quality of life in our district will improve, the district will be developed, enhanced economic activity and general prosperity of the district and Eastern Province as a whole ” he paused as he waited for my response.

Prof.Ng’oma ” wow! So you know about the smart city projects I have been singing about? I asked.

Tembo: “Ooh yes Prof! the district of Nyimba and the province as a whole is pregnant of your wonderful proposed projects and we cant wait to see the birth of the project.

I have funders who have been financing other similar infrastructure projects in other nations and I would like to link you up with them so that this project can take off”, he paused.

Prof. Ng’oma: ” Ooh! That would be wonderful. I have been engaging this new dawn government to ask for cooperation as some investors have proposed, but trust me from the look of things they are not interested in this development, and I have since stopped engaging them on it.” I painfully sounded.

Tembo: ” Aaaa! How can a government not pay attention to such a wonderful project full of benefits to the whole nation sure baba Ng’oma ” he wondered”.

Prof. Ng’oma: ” I have no idea because even just to have an appointment to meet the President to solicit for his support in this project has proved futile, now I have just decided to put the projects in a deep freezer to wait until further notice.”

At this point Tembo explains what is going on in Eastern province to address developmental projects by our citizens in the province which are not receiving the necessary attention by the new dawn government.

Tembo: ” Because of the many challenges we are going through as a province, the many social economic challenges and other challenges we as a people of Eastern Province are going through, we have decided to summon all well meaning citizens of Zambia whose roots are in Eastern province to sit down and look at how we together as easterners can join hands to supplement government efforts to bring the necessary development to the province. I would like to add you Prof. to the group of a think tank group we have dubbed UMODZI KUM’MAWA, which is strictly a developmental advisory outfit none political ! encampassing all citizens of Eastern Province regardless of political affiliate of members as long as one is an easterner he/she qualifie to be a member.
All easterners belonging to different political parties are encouraged to join this ambrella group and formation to discuss how we can develop our province.” He submitted.

It’s very clear of the purpose of the coming together of people of Eastern Province coming up with UMODZI KUM’MAWA .It is not to unseat anyone or challenge any government. Members of UPND which is the ruling party are free to be part of this out and indeed all political parties are free to join. In in this group there are members of UPND already.
When they are on this platform, they discuss the general welfare of the province and not what the headline in one of the newspapers in Zambia has carried out, no, it is not true that;

EASTERNERS FORM UMODZI KUM’MAWA to challenge HH. This is false.

I submit without fear or favour.

Prof. Edgar Ng’oma Philosopher/Political Analyst.


  1. Chishimba Kambwili’s conviction on regionalism and tribal hate speech should serve as a warning to all those enemies of Zambia who want to promote regionalism and tribal hatred!
    Change your group name to something better or risk arrested!
    All patriotic Citizens of Zambia must not take kindly to politicians who want to thrive on tribal trivia!
    Such politicians are empty tins with nothing good to offer!
    No one applied to be born from the tribe they were born.
    Look also how archaic tribal identities have become with intermarriages that have taken place. Our children today who are majority voters grew up speaking English! Do you think they will entertain tribal politicians?
    Ba UPND, help us by dealing swiftly with all tribalists!
    If there are not enough statutes to criminalize tribalism, please update the constitution!
    We must chop off the ugly head of tribalism each time it tries to show it’s ugly head!
    It’s the only way to safeguard our peace!

  2. Chikubabe, you’re an extremist of sorts. Your belief is not helpful at all because it borders on criminalising tribes, and by extension the languages they speak, merely for existing. Surely that cannot be a crime. These tribes are the constituent parts of the Zambian identity that is trying to emerge.

  3. Mr Ngoma has been caught ready handed in the act. Trying to hide his tribalism behind a grouping with a familiar title.
    Who is Ngoma cheating with all those denials? Only himself. Only a few days old, the public already knows the truth. The man is educated and old, I wonder how thinks everyone would believe his rantings.
    The fact remains that Ngoma is one of those spearheading this tribal group and he knows it. Mr Ngoma cannot deceive the public. Therd was no development in Eastern province even during Edgar Lungu’s reign, so where was this bunch of tribalists???


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