Date: 24th July, 2022

Time: 10:00AM


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to attend todays’ Press briefing that has been long overdue. As you all know, five years ago, I made a decision to take my fight for humanity to the next level as I felt that life could not be good for me if it was not good for the majority of citizens.

I have every conviction that what makes Zambia lag behind her peers is its failure to pursue a pro poor agenda that is predicated on raising the standard of living of the majority of Zambians. When President Michael Chilufya Sata called me to join the PF, I saw in him a genuine passion and desire to liberate the people of Zambia.without any hesitation, I joined him in his pursuit to ushering in a Pro-poor movement that culminated in the PF winning elections in 2011 and ushering in a pro-poor government. Following President Sata’s election as the country’s 5th President, we did not just embark on delivering unprecedented infrastructure development but also made adjustements to the Pay As You Earn to ensure that it was more accommodating to the poor and less priviledged. His stand on corruption and abuse of office, made MCS not just an attractive leader to work with but also helped Zambia to be a preferred country to invest especially from those who sought to make a difference in peoples lives. The evidence of what we set off to do under MCS’s leadership can be seen today by the number of schools and health posts and hospitals that where built over a 10 year period. Traveling across provinces and countries is easier today because we ushered in a pro poor government that got down to work and addressed the needs of the majority poor in Zambia.

Ten years later, the UPND government was ushered into office and what was their first AGENDA:
i. “Handover the Nation to the Rich and Powerful”
ii. Develop a system that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer
iii. Give concessions to mining houses so that the nation become more dependent on foreign interest
iv. Ignore conventional wisdom and follow what the rich tell you no matter how much it affects the citizens
v. Take away subsidies from the citizens and give it to foreign firms
vi. Take the credit for all good things and blame all the bad things on PF
The challenges the country has had to contend with over the last ten (10) months has given me great conviction that we need to start making the necessary preparations to build a coalition of people and parties that share the passion for a prospersous Zambia that is concerned about the welfare of Zambians. Now is the time to start building linkages that will in 2026 rid this nation of a self serving leadership that prides in making the poor poorer and the rich richer. Now is the time to start the process of giving back the nation to the majority Zambians who were deceived in 2021 and settled for a fraud.

Rule of Law
Whereas the President would like us to believe that he is the best thing that ever happened to this country and that he has levelled the political playing field, his fear of the ineveitable in 2026 has made him so apprehensive to the point that he is even scared of his own shadow. When we last held a Press Briefing and told the nation that the President was the sponsor of the infighting in the DP, people turned up against us and asked us to provide evidence of the same. As fate would have it, KBN Televison made their scoup public in the form of a recording of two senior government officials – the Special Assistant to the President for Politics Mr. Levy Ngoma and the Premanent Secretary for Home Affairs and Internal Security Mr. Josephs Akafumba. That reveletion alone was enough to vindicate us and to show the world that indeed the President has been meddling in the internal affairs of opposition parties. When we engaged the international community over the revelation, they could not help but liken it to the Watergate Scandal but the President opted for total silence knowing very well that the incriminating words that where uttered by his Special Assistance were uttered with his permission.

Feudal Leadership
As a politician, I have sought to drive equity, level the playing field and pursue a non violent political discourse. It is therefore unacceptable for me and indeed well meaning citizens to sit back and watch the very things we condemned in the Past government taking root under the New Dawn government. Under this government that claims to uphold the rule of law, we have seen people being arrested for expressing their freedom of speech. We have seen Hon. Mumbi Phiri being locked up for over 140 days without being taken to court. We have seen Hon. Nakachinda, Mr. Chilufya Tayali and many more suffer at the hands of a government that claims to be a pioneer of freedom of movement and association. While on the one hand Zambians are struggling and can hardly make ends meet, the New Dawn government is being supported by a strong international PR functionary that is aimed at projecting it as the government of the people when in fact it is a feudal leadership, a woolf seeking to squeeze itself in a sheep’s skin.

A leadership that is kin on creating deals through its offshore linkages as opposed to dealing with the inadequacy in the country’s social services. A leadership that does not understand that the value of a leader is in his ability to honor his or her word.

Ladies and Gentlemen;
I want to serve warning to those who seek to exploit Zambia’s resources through the imposition of a puppet government. Enough is enough. It is a shame for former statesmen to hide behind foundations while they facilitate the pillaging of African resources. I want to call upon those former African leaders who are being used as urgents of confusion on the continent of Africa to desist from such devisive activities.

While you pretend to be supporting democracy on the continent, the puppet master you have put in office is busy seeking to destroy internal democracy. How do you explain a President who appoints Joesphs Akafumba a man who become prominent after creating confusion in the NDC to be a Permanent Secretary and even giving him the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security? A sensitive ministry for a traitor. How does a President who believes in democracy make it his preoccupation to destroy opposition leaders and their parties?

How does a President who believes in internal democracy send the police after a television station for exposing an audio recording of his Permanent Secretary and Special Assistant planning to frustrate and stiffle an opposition leader? Is this the Democracy their Foundation seeks to promote or may be it is just a façade that is used as a basis of siphoning mineral wealth from unsuspecting Africans?

Ladys and Gentlemen
I will not stand by and watch while things deteriorate in Zambia neither will I stand by and let the lengthy and protracted legal process stand in the way of my pursuing a cause for a better Zambia. It is clear that they are forces at play seeking to frustrate our cause for the economic emancipation of Zambia. Theirs is an agenda to keep us perpertually dependent on foreign interests even for things that we can handle internally.

Therefore, after serious reflection and prayerful introspection, I have made a decision to resign my position as President of the Democratic Party and indeed from the Democratic Party itself. A party that I have over the past five years helped to build having lifted it from a dormant state to participating in the 2021 General Elections and fielding candidates across all the 10 provinces. Subsequent to my resignation, from the DP, we are now proceeding to lodge in an application for the formation of another party.

As you may be aware, this decision has been necessitated by the delay in the disposal of the ongoing case in the Courts of Law. While I am optimistic about the future of our Judiciary, I am concerned by the manner in which our case has been handled and for this reason I have decided to step out and start the task of preparing to participate in the 2026 General Election. Allow me to serve notice to our detractors.

There’s No Stopping Us Now!!! This train is moving in full motion. For those who believe in the cause of a Zambia that represents the need of Zambians, to you who believe that we were lied to last year and therefore need to put an end to the lies in 2026, to you the youths who believe that Zambia deserves to be an economic hub of the region going by the many natural resources the country is endowed with, I urge you to join me and lets start working together so that we build a movement that will take back power from self-serving imperialists.
Join me as we embark on this journey to transform Zambia. A journey that seeks to give back Zambia to the Zambians and not the rich who want to pilage the wealth of the nation and shelve it in their offshore accounts in some tax havens.
To my friends and family I want to say thank you.

Finally, let me also appreciate you the Fourth Estate for standing by the truth. I trust as we embark on this journey we will provide you with information to share with the nation and the international community. More importantly, we ask you to be a part of the cause for a better and prosperous Zambia.

God Bless You and God Bless Zambia

Harry Kalaba
2026 Presidential Candidate



  1. You started well on a good note. What has gone wrong again for you to leave your party which you started by saying you have resigned from PF because of corrupt activities and thefty in the party?
    We conclude that you can not be a good leader. Better for you to stay away from politics than giving us lame excuses.
    You have disappointed many dear president Kalaba.

    • This man has a blown ego. Judith was right about him. He sees himself losing the fight for DP presidency and opts out on falsehoods. Because of him DP failed to sell the parry to Zambians and so we have been left with a useless PF as an opposition party.
      Judith please Start building your party, we need a good opposition in parliament after 2026, not the crap we currently have. PF will not even have one seat in parliament after 2026. Some members are only learning now how there duped while their leadership and its cadres became filthy rich owning large tracts of land countrywide

  2. So the real reason why he has resigned from DP is because the court case is taking long to be dispersed off. This has frustrated him and his supporters. So why beat about the Bush by talking about imperialists, colonisers . Was it for tje sake of making the speech unnecessarily long. How do imperialists make you resign from DP? And what is in this imperialists rhetoric? Has Mmembe also corrupted you Mr Kalaba? Is it that the to the likes of Mmembe and Kalaba an investor is only a Chinese and not Europeans and Americans? Are their standards this low? Or are these sentiments based on sheer jealousy that Bally is closer to the West?

  3. Talking all this crap just to justify your resignation. Attacking UPND on falsehoods to justify your resignation why not tell us what was wrong in DP that made you resign. I mean these politics and their politicians are useless. How can you say the UPND victory in 2021 was based on falsehoods when your own reasons to justify your resignation is itself based on falsehoods?!! Is it true what you are saying about the UPND leadership? Are we safe? If you see imperialists in UPND leaders who do you see yourself to be if you became president? One independent of imperialists? That’s the beginning of your lies, falsehoods. You aren’t said you are anything ideologically, not a socialist, not a communist, not a whatever you could be, so who are you if not a budding imperialist puppet, the same you pretend to be against now. Did you even know that just your face will lead you to failure politically. Too much pride, nothing humble about it. Where you come from also a problem. It is the region breeding thieves in government leadership! Looters without shame. Now you want us believe that we are not in safe hands under UPND? Let someone else say so, not you Luapula. I mean if you are resigning from DP, how do you use falsehoods against UPND to justify your resignation instead of attacking and telling us the wrongs you see in DP? Something wrong with you. I bet you lose yourself a lot of those who might have been in the middle position. We throw you away together with the bathwater. Forget about our support now or in future


  5. Forming a new party won’t make any difference.
    You are not going anywhere.Zambians are not
    Impressed with your politics.Try something else

  6. Kalaba always running around in circles and getting nowhere. His fight is Judith Kabemba, but he wants people to believe that the reason for his resigning from DP is because HH has allaigned himself to the West. Ba Kalaba has exposed himsef as a useless proud individual who has frustrated himself into a failed man in the political arena.
    He has been beated by Judith Kabemba pants down. My advice to Kalaba is that, since he seems to be easily influence by Namakando Mmembe’s hatred of HH, he should as well join Mmembe’s 18th century idiology of Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Leninism and Maoism.

  7. Typical exhibition of bad and poor leadership. You can not take responsibility of what is going on in your own house. Brother, your house is on fire and yet blame another man. How can they change the unchangeable facts of ownership. It’s determined separate from extenal or perceived enemies. Simple Registrar of Societies has all the legal documents that attest to this.

    This character flaw is a very great weakness because with what you have been telling us all this time of being in control and on fame ground. Your party should be intact from within even though others are throwing stones from the outside.

    Unless of course what has being explained by the previous Party owners ( your internal enemies) is accurate, true and fundamentally leHally supports them.

    Then it means you have been found out and running away for impersonating being a party president when you were a self imposed leader. An imposter.

    This is serious character flaw which can not be wiped away by forming another party. It simply means you can not be trusted with truth.

    I expect you as a Christian to come out clean and not throw stones because of your own wrong decisions. it is not right brother. it’s just not right.

  8. This chap got into PF because of his father who was a friend to Sata. His name was Simon Kalaba a former UNIP Minister. So he joined PF because Sara and his father were close friends and as it used to be then, you needed to know someone to get something or a job in Government. This Kalaba has nothing to offer the nation just noise like the majority in the opposition. They all run to someone with money to dish out. And at the moment M’membe is getting a lot of funding from some socialist governments and those promoting Gayism, Lesbianism and Trans agendas.

  9. You all know them, they’re preaching socialism but live like millionaires. So what’s their agenda? They will use socialism to steal from government. They can’t even tell you how the government will be making the money. They think Zambians are stupid to fall for this stupid lie. Only hard work can make the people better off.

  10. Sometimes your mouth can run dry to comment on such cheap politicians who never builds like Kalaba. I think he must repent and turn into Christianity maybe he can have followers to lead.


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