SOME residents of Monze Central Constituency in Southern Province are shocked with the insistence of Jack Mwiimbu to re-contest the seat despite serving for 30 years as MP.

Precious Moono says people on the ground have rejected Mwiimbu and warns that imposing the lawmaker on the people will not work because they know what they want this.

Moono said the people of Monze will for the first time protest against the upnd if it goes ahead to adopt Mr. Mwiimbu in 2026 because he has failed to bring development in monze despite saving for 30 in office.

She says there is need for old politicians to allow young ones with new ideas to take up leadership positions.

Precious challenged veteran parliamentarian Jack Mwiimbu who has been a Member of Parliament since 2001 to give way to the new generation.


    • It’s party-wrecking indiscipline on the part of of the Lusaka-based businessmen who paid the women in the video to undermine a serving Member of Parliament from the governing party. Strings should be pulled so that he’s not adopted even if Jack Mwiimbu is not adopted either. There are so many things he can do in Monze Central constituency to develop a name recognition for himself without undermining the incumbent.

  1. Look at how small the group is, can that small group speak on behalf of Monze Central? They are busy making noise and yet they are failing to spend the CDF. The money is there for you to decide your own development, don’t wait for Jack Mwimbu to come, that’s an old way of doing things. But from the way they are talking, you can easily see that it’s a stage managed group by the would be aspiring candidate, just wait for his name, we shall know him very soon. We have ever seen such things in Choma and Mazabuka Central.

    • Well, the name of the aspiring candidate is probably Haamonze, or Haamonga or Haamingalato.

      We can make a bet if you do not believe.

  2. This is an old clip of sponsored women just before the 2021 elections. There were similar sponsored groups to rant about Cornelious Mweetwa. Yet the results were resounding victories for both Hon. Jack Mwimbu and Hon. Cornelious Mweetwa. This is an attempt to distract the UPND govt from delivering development across the country. People should also play the videos of the rantings of ECL, Antonio Mwanza, GMB, Kambwili,Mumbi Phiri and Davis Mwila’s too to balance up.


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