VIDEO: Registrar Of Societies Has Not Been Fired but reassigned to other duties Says Jack Mwiimbu



Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister JACK MWIIMBU says the purported list of opposition PF office bearers allegedly from the Registrar of Societies is flawed.

And the Minister says the Registrar of Societies has not been fired but reassigned to other duties contrary to information circulating on social media.

Speaking at a media briefing in LUSAKA today, Mr. MWIIMBU said the purported list shows former President EDGAR LUNGU having been registered as PF President in 2002 and yet he was a member of the UPND at the time.

Mr. MWIIMBU said that late President MICHAEL SATA was PF President as of 2002 contrary to indications by the purported list making rounds on social media.

The Minister said the list was also purported to have been issued to PF Lawyer MAKEBI ZULU by the Registrar of Societies on the premise of a court order and yet there is only a subpoena for presentation of the list in court.

He said the Registrar of Societies is not in order to issue any list without consultation with the Attorney General who is a lawyer for the government.

And Mr. MWIIMBU confirmed that the Registrar of Societies advised parliament on the changes on the names of PF office bearers hence the move by the Speaker of the National

Assembly to take note of the changes.
The Minister noted that he has been compelled to comment on the matter despite it being in court because of so many speculations around it.



  1. All of you pipo should not open the mouths and talk to defend everything that upnd does,whether good or bad.HH did not win because of you alone.We cannot clap when it’s not necessary because we supported Upnd to improve livelihood for all Zambians.Zambianns had s lot of expectations from upnd.So HH must be concerned if the majority of Zambians are complaining while a pocket of Zambians turn s blind eye to shortcomings on the part of Upnd.The fact is no Zambian can be president by being voted for by only his or her tribes men and women.What is bad is bad and it has to be condemned regardless of whether we are cadres or tribes men.this is one area we are missing out in Zambia.Follower from Berlin

    • My brother, leave them alone. They will simply insult you. They are vile people.

      They truly believe it was only Tonga people that voted for Hakainde. Now they are spitting in our faces, and marginalising all tribes except their own, and throwing crumbs at their Lozi cousins. We fought ECL successfully because of tribalism. Our blogs are there for all to see here, or Lusaka Times to see how hard we fought PF. We rejected tribalism in 2021, and we rejected harassment of opponents.

      All I can say is that we need to get rid of this cancer Hakainde before it spreads further. If he rigs and wins 2026, I promise you that we will all be in trouble. Even his own tribesmates will not be spared. He does not really care about them, it is all just window dressing. For the right price, he will forsake even his own tribesmates.

      We really really should have listened to KK.

      This is what happens when you do not listen to elders, especially one that was nearly 100 years old.

      Umwana ashumfwa, amenene imwefu kwikoshi.

  2. Those opposed to UPND govt are having it tough, but not with beatings in Kamugodi but with the honesty of those in government. They always wish the govt is cought up on some issue but it always turns that this is not the case. In the end they just resort to insults you cant believe can come out of the mouth of someone with any decency to talk about.

    • Hicamba, keep mocking voters.

      You can not see any wrong doing by Hakainde because he is your tribesmate. Period.

      Enjoy your 5 minutes of fame you selfish people.

      So many good and innocent people from your tribe will suffer backlash at some point because of the stupidity and tribalism being exhibited by Hakainde. This, in my opinion, will be the biggest tragedy of it all. A few very bad apples like you and Hakainde are spoiling the good name of our brothers and sisters in Tonga land. That is not right.

  3. In government that is being fired. Even constitutional office holders when they are fired they are sent to diplomatic missions abroad but in real sense for them to be removed from those positions means they are fired.

  4. We elders told but you didn’t listen, now you have seen what you wanted to see and go through. The true Tonga characteristics. Edgar Lungu was not tribal as you want to paint. When Edgar was president, infact even when Sata was president as well, Tongas and Lozis in government didn’t want to recognize them as presidents, their president was Hichilema because Lungu and Sata were not Tonga or Lozi. So the TRIBALISM of Tongas and Lozis was there even before they went into government. Non-Tongas are regretting having voted Hichilema, but Kambwili told you , especially the Easterners, he did not beat about the bush! He said ku Southern Province aba Tonga taba votela imitundu imbi, so why should you Easterners vote for Hichilema a Tonga? When he said this you called him a Tribalist , his words have come true today. As TRIBALISM by this government is worst ever witnessed in this country. I pity the Tongas and Lozis , how are they going to live in this country when Hichilema is out power, out of government. I think they even know that things will not be good for them hence trying to prolong their stay by all means, which is actually going work against them soon!


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