1. Very true. Simoson has hit the nail on the head.
    I used to feel embarrassed about my close cousin who was far much better dressed than Mutale but was in the limelight as a broadcaster.
    I cant imagine how I would have felt if it was my mum. Truth is it affects especially boys whether Mutale agrees or not! The last thing a boy wants to know or hear is that the mother enjoys sex, even if it is true.

  2. This copycat culture is making some Zambians look stupid. They think they are Americans. We’re Zambians let’s be proud of our culture and who we’re.

  3. Mr. MWEWA SIR. You are very right and you just illustrated exactly the way it was and obtains on the ground. Yes the dress cord is totally wrong compared to her level and age, but it is Don in a wrong place, wrong way against our culture. I want to say everything that happened on that event and what U ssually happens in her daily life is inappropriate, using the f words, getting too close to Mr. TEMBO in full view of his wife was all totally unacceptable. Now Bakalamba, Bamwewa. With all due respect, I always follow you media so closely and I don’t miss unless I just don’t have bundles. I am only disappointed on your untamed mouth as you advise Mutale Mwanza. At your level, you are now the counsellor who should be able to choose when and at what time to speak. Some issues against some people and their social status are not advisable to bring up like this publicly. You have not advise Mutale Mwanza alone, but even many other in that situation. Except you have made her son not only realise that he is embarrassed, he starts suffering from self stigma and he will never walk with his head hi because you have exposed her nakedness in her son’s spiritual eyes, you have caused partial mental disability into her child. I sight another example I never commented. Lusambo and Mercy… You thought you were helping mercy, and yet you contributed to destroy her children’s futures. By insisting her to despise Lusambo. You never know hoe love works and you may insight people agains openness, but you don’t critically foreseen their future outcome. Who know maybe Lusambo had his own reasons he abandoned mercy, and as old as you are Mr. MWEWA. for Mercy to continue opening legs and have 4 children for one man, didn’t she notice that Boreman was not up to good? Come on, there is family planning and Mercy sounds educated who should have done some something to stop this nonses but she waits Untill someone from opposit6 side sponsors her interviews to try and fight somebody’s enemies.
    Anyway I hope I have opened your eyes, so please next time you want to advise a person like Mwanza, kindly call her/them privately and speak to them as adults then you can bring up a topic related, but not objectively. Earn respect in a special way, be impartial, and let every one seek mentorship from you. Unlike right now you purely sound political. It’s like the politicians are using you to fight the former leadership as long as one was close to PF, you want to show how know how to speak English. Try to reduce your social media’s pace by taming your toung. We have listened to too much of English from the day of inauguration both from the Head of State trickles down to yourself… Nasheniko ifisungu mukanwa, the same people you are trying to tear up are the same units that completes our house to be called zambia with the complete full house of 15million population. Stop helping others to continue stepping on innocent Zambian toes by embarrancing others at the expense of our national development. The crusade should continue preaching one Zambia one Nation. We can change so easy. Let us be the change we want to see… Mr. MWEWA I rest my case. Thanky

    • Muzungu please stop your nonsensical comments. You seem to have a pattern of just criticizing especially those who speak better English than you l assume. Mutale Mwanza misbehaved in public therefore it is also fitting for her to be castigated in public. That way she may stop her public embarrassing stunts. It is not Mr Mwewa who has damaged Mutales son by dressing her down in public but she Mutale is the one damaging her son by her bad public image. Regarding Lusambo and Mercy saga again blame Lusambo not Mr Mwewa.


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