Vision 2030: Zanu-PF’s Secret Strategy to Keep Mnangagwa in Power Beyond 2028 Unveiled


How Zanu-PF Plans to Extend President Mnangagwa’s Term Beyond 2028 Unveiled

The slogan “2030 VaMnangagwa vanenge vachipo” might become a reality as reports suggest that Zanu-PF has devised a strategy to keep President Emmerson Mnangagwa in power beyond 2028 when his current term is set to end.

How Zanu-PF Plans to Extend President Mnangagwa’s Term
Zanu PF is plotting to amend the law to decouple the harmonised elections and ensure parliamentary elections take place in 2028, with presidential elections being held in 2030.

Alternatively, Zanu-PF is contemplating postponing all elections until 2030 with a faction of the opposition being mobilised to back the proposal.

Zanu-PF will seek to postpone the elections under the guise of implementing reforms.

Senior Zanu-PF Member Unveils Secret Strategy
A senior Zanu-PF member who spoke to The News Hawks said President Mnangagwa has abandoned his bid for a third term because it is complicated.

The senior member said Mnangagwa has now shifted his focus to making sure the elections are held separately.

“He no longer wants to have a third term because that route is complicated as it involves amending the constitution and a two-thirds parliamentary majority, plus a referendum, which doesn’t benefit the incumbent, a disincentive to do that. Now the new plan under consideration is to 2028 to 4 August 2028. amend the constitution and electoral law to de-harmonise elections, with the effect of holding parliamentary polls in 2028; presidential election in 2030. That’s different from a third term and it’s less complex,” the senior member told The News Hawks.

Public Statements by President Mnangagwa
Despite these behind-the-scenes maneuvers, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has publicly stated he does not intend to extend his time in power. In an interview with The Sunday Mail, he emphasized his commitment to respecting the country’s Constitution and not seeking a third term.

“There is not an iota of evidence where ZANU PF or I, as President, has ever expressed the violation of our Constitution. But we allow people to dream properly or widely. They will still wake up and find things are working and the Constitution hasn’t changed,” President Mnangagwa said earlier this year.


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