Zambia Police deputy public relations officer Danny Mwale says the Police is still looking into the complaint in which Charles Kabwita reported Kafue council chairperson Buumba Malambo to the Police for allegedly issuing tribal remarks in the run up to the August 12, 2021 general elections.

Kabwita, who is now National Democratic Congress secretary general, is on record of having reported Malambo to Police for allegedly urging the electorate to “vote for a Tonga member of parliament, Tonga mayor and Tonga councillors.”

Asked by Daily Revelation on what the Zambia Police was doing about the said matter, considering that the complaint by Kabwita is similar to what has led to the arrest of Patriot Front member of central committee Chishimba Kambwili, and this has now resulted in members of the public accusing the Police of applying the law selectively; Mwale explained that some officers tasked to investigate the matter are still doing their job, saying the Zambia Police Service is an organised institution and would want to do their job professionally.

“We always acknowledge rec



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