We have cancelled the Church Service-Police

Police in Ndola say they have decided to cancel the Inter-denominational Church Service due to be held at St. Andrews Church in Ndola.
Police say Churche authorities need to file a notification to pray as an interdenominational gathering!

Former President Edgar Lungu and his spouse, Mama Esther Lungu have been invited as Special Guests to a Thanksgiving Service at St. Andrews UCZ Church in Ndola.

Earlier there were attempts to stop President Lungu from travelling from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka to Ndola.


  1. If this is true that ex-pres Lungu was denied the right to travel, as a Zambian citizen, to another part of Zambia, then, this is on President Hichilema.

    It has echoes of what happened to him in Chipata and it WASN’T right then. It is NOT right and will never be right. (Unless somebody is a fugitive.)

    We had faith in UPND that they would be a progressive government but we are now back-sliding into that dictatorial-like abyss. The erosion of free-movement rights does not bode well for our country.

    Not good, not good at all.

    • It is the same as what happened to HH under Charity Katanga’s reign as Commissioner of police on the copperbelt. It was wrong and HH was escorted out of the copperbelt all the way to Lusaka by police. It is still wrong if the UPND govt is allowing the Police to act outside their call of duty. Is this a deliberate act by Police to show defiance to govt? But i am also surprised that no sooner than govt sorts out KCM than Edgar plans to “attend a church service at UCZ” in Ndola on a saturday! Exactly what are PF up to? The govt should withdraw ex-president’s benefits from Edgar. He can fend for himself from the sudden wealth he accumulated in his 7yrs of being president

    • I don’t think so. Not until the Lungu family and PF leadership share with us how they accumulated such sudden wealth as soon as they took up political office. But the Police action if true is an unacceptable and must be dealt with as a matter if urgency

      • They are both thieves.

        One chose to invest the dirty money in the country of his birth, while the other one sends his dirty money Panama.

        Who is the better thief?

  2. SO POLICE are there in Africa to carry out instructions from ruling party to punish pipo with divergent views ?? PF was doing the same.This is a bad route to go my pipo , turn the tables for a better Zambia.But coz Opposition parties in Zamnia support Zanu pf, HH can do everything Mnangagws does against opposition party members .We see how things unfold !!!

  3. If this is true, then it is most unfortunate. The police seem to be beyond reform. They are rabble rousers bent on creating chaos in their bid to curry favour with the ruling authorities.

    It is shameful that the police are behaving exactly the same way they did during the notorious PF regime.

    Give ECL and the UCZ enough rope to hang themselves. The Bible says “can two walk together unless they agree?” PF did a lot of damage to the nation and if some in UCZ want to fratenise with him, that is alright. It is their choice. It defines their character.


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