WE NEED PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu & Edith Nawakwi COME 2026- Leonard  Kasonde


WE NEED PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu & Edith Nawakwi COME 2026

Propaganda, once a powerful tool in shaping public opinion, may struggle to be as effective in the modern age. With the rise of social media and instant access to information, people are more skeptical and critical of the messages they receive. Former President Lungu may have been portrayed negatively through propaganda tactics, but individuals today are able to fact check and discern truth from fiction. The transparency and accountability demanded by society make it difficult for propaganda to sway opinions as easily as before.

In this digital age, people are more aware of manipulation attempts and are less likely to fall victim to false narratives. It seems that the days of blind acceptance of propaganda are over, as our eyes remain open and vigilant against such tactics.

It’s been quite the whirlwind since former president Lungu decided to jump back into the political scene in Zambia! His comeback has definitely stirred things up and changed the entire political landscape of the country. Some people are thrilled to see him return, while others are a bit wary of what his next move might be.

Lungu’s presence has sparked intense debates and discussions among the public, with many wondering what this means for the future of Zambia. It’s all anyone can talk about these days, and it seems like everyone has an opinion on his sudden comeback. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Lungu’s return has made a huge impact on politics in Zambia. Who knows what twists and turns are still to come in this ever evolving political saga!

Well, let me tell you, the idea of a Lungu and Edith combo for president and vice president in the upcoming election with UKA is definitely an interesting one. Lungu has been in politics for quite some time now, serving as President of Zambia since 2015. He brings experience and familiarity to the table. On the other hand, Edith Nawakwi, the leader of the Forum for Democracy and Development party, is known for her strong leadership skills and commitment to improving economic conditions in Zambia.

Together, they could make a powerful team that combines experience with fresh perspectives. It would be really intriguing to see how they work together and what kind of changes they could bring about for the country. The upcoming election is definitely something to keep an eye on!

Leonard C Kasonde
Umusepela Leo


  1. We are in New generation of leadership. Zambia needs new faces on the ground to start shaping our future Zambia, not these outdated and useless politicians whose mission is simply to protect their stolen wealth

    • It’s a weak street children generation you are in if you have not worked it out yet.
      Therefore,which country can have you as leadership material? Not Zambia as we know it ba cembele!!

  2. Zambians can not agree going back to Egypt where they çame from when they remember the sufferings that were their in exchange with tantameni, sela tubombeko etc

  3. If you think a man like ba lungu who was such a bad leader can come to be president again then u need help.
    Go and vote for them in your house!!lol

    No matter how bad things are lungi was good riddance.
    Maybe you were a commander you want your job back!!lol

    • Lungu was bad only on social media propaganda. He might have made mistakes here and there but to make him get eliminated from the good leadership cadre is utter nonsensical and out of touch with the realisation of political aspects.

  4. Awe naimwe mwilasabaila. Who can bring back Lungu here in Zambia again, to come and do what? Actually we are not desperate to be thinking of bringing Lungu back , my vote can not tolerate nonsense again in Zambia.

  5. The idiot should say I, not we, because there are no we anywhere in this country that wish to lick their vomits, only a few idiots may even dream of madness to return to a normal land. STUPID IDIOT.

  6. Umusepela or mushanina bwali. You still want the ancient criminals back. Shame on your musepela Kasonde. And speak for yourself

  7. Ba Kasonde, it is you who is engaging in propaganda. Mr. Lungu’s character and record is well known. It is in the public domain. He defrauded a widow out of K36000 and had his practicing license withdrawn by LAZ. When he was given a second chance as President of Zambia, he robbed the whole nation and left a crippling debt burden. His wife and children are currently appearing before courts of law on charges of having property believed to be proceeds of crime. In other words, they cannot prove that they legitimately made that wealth. Is this what you call propaganda?

    Mr. Lungu’s reign was marked by heavy handedness. Cadres harassed innocent citizens at will, people got killed at the slightest excuse (Nsama Nsama, Joseph Banda, Mugala the school boy, Vesper, Glaziar, Chibulo, et al). Those who innocently wore a red garment were beaten and humiliated by PF cadres. One UPND young lady was stripped naked right in front of the then Vice-president, Mrs Inonge Wina and she didnot say a single word to condemn this savage act.

    Mr. Lungu might excite you ba Kasonde but to most of us he was an unmitigated disaster and that is why 2.8million voted him out inspite of his challenger, Mr. Hichilema, being given no chance to campaign. Propaganda? My foot!

  8. Voting for thieves who have protected themselves using the Law?
    Edith Nawakwi who gave away our Mines as Finance Minister then in return for a Royalty tax of 0.003%, and very little Zambia shareholding?
    The same minister who was involved in the Carrington Maize saga, paid in full what was never received?
    Then talk of Indisciplined Lawyer convicted of Professional Malpractice to the point of losing his License. A man who robbed vulnerable clients, then went on to rob a nation? Abused his position and Authority of office to receive 15 mansions, gifted to him by the corrupt Chinese contractors, and receiving these without making a declaration?
    A man who was only worth a paultry k2.3 million Kwacha when he took over after Sata, and his networth skyrocketing to K23 million in just a year, an amount that could not be supported by his Legal earnings and tax return records?
    A man who removed the constitutional requirement for aspiring presidential candidates to declare assets when filing nomination papers in 2021 because his networth suddenly became self-incriminating?
    Sadly, you also have President HH who fell into the same folly of not declaring his assets for the sake of integrity!
    It’s clear that President HH has not turned out to be the person he claimed to be. He has not owned up on many of his shortcomings but instead, has been too comfortable passing on the blame, a Lethal habit for any manager!
    Now that failure seems written all over the face of ba Elder, must we head back kumalushi in the name of ECL and PF we rejected not long ago?
    Does it mean Zambia does not have more capable leaders apart from the Two failures we have embraced?
    Have we become what KK described Zambians?
    In we really cherish peace as a nation, we should not vote for HH and ECL in 2026!
    These Two have become warloads, able to spark tribal war in this country!
    They are both not the sincere type you can trust!
    People we have neglected, like Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, are the Patriotic Zambians of high integrity who could have served us better! This is the man who used to retire imprest faithfully while in office.
    He was never mentioned in any corruption scandal. Unfortunately, he is the quiet type that will be overshadowed by loud lying mouths whose main interest is Ukulya Mwibala nembuto kumo!
    The choice is yours Zambians!

    • Ba Chikubabe, it is good that you have mentioned Brigadier General Miyanda. He definitely is a better alternative than the sticky fingered Mr. Lungu.

      The General used to retire his imprest. Well, the word of God says, “He who is faithful in little is also faithful in much and he who is dishonest in little will also be dishonest in much. Talk of Mr. Lungu being entrusted with the widow’s K36,000 and then the national treasury! The rest, as they say, is history.

  9. You think the other uka members are just going to sit idle and let lungu and nawakwi take over? They also need those positions of president and veep. That’s why I say uka is a non starter.

  10. Unless you impose them on us, otherwise I don’t think Zambians are ready for that combination. You can have them in your Ukwa and that is none of our business.

  11. Kikikiki! From Mr. Luo to madam sausage.
    Madam sausage is going to jail. Try looking for someone else to beat the duo square and nice


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