Chanoda Ngwira
Chanoda Ngwira


Their way of handling serious matters!

By Chanoda F Ngwira

We are here today, yesterday day we weren’t here obviously for obvious reasons. They say when bees are calm in the beehive, let them be, no wise man will deliberately get near and provoke them because at that point, they may just wake the sleeping and calm bees which can obviously affect many if not carefully handled.

The Milingo Lungu saga has exposed certain things that the public may not have been preview to. The public was not aware of some of the documents flying around however someone deliberately out of arrogance and drunkeness with power, decided to do what they did, dated the media and addressed the people of Zambia in their usual style, refuted some allegations and indeed even warned some section of staff around the Presidency. Wow!

Where are we today, documents started flying around to prove those that came out strongly to discuss this matter which in my view was not going to be where it is today. Followed is a presser which in my opinion was nothing but an event of drama with much noticeable shame attached to it. It has provoked some citizens and known members of the club, it has brought about thess people rising against the State and those bestowed with power. Citizens are now questioning the highest office on issues surrounding the agreement and immunities given to Mr Milingo Lungu, a man who was quiet in the first place. Though cadres are seemingly standing firm without shame to blame it on the DPP…

The lawyers have handed in a very strong affidavit at our courts, they say what happened is this and that. Names have been mentioned, not simple names, but big names, names that we can simply say is the Presidency. The petitioner in this case Mr Milingo Lungu has vehemently said he knows who he met, his lawyers have even further said that they can prove that before the courts of law, they say they stand firm of what Mr Milingo Lungu has said.

As the matter was seemingly getting watered down following some other events, we are greeted this morning by a another alert involving the Head of State himself who has said will actually use the influence of the holiday hangover of watching his animals and interacting with his family over the Easter holiday to refute the claims that someone met someone among many things. He has actually stated on his page that he never met anyone or gave anyone immunities as alleged. Maybe his His interactions with animals and his people during Easter seems to have destructed him from reading the agreement signed between the state through the office of DPP and Mr Milingo Lungu. He is clearly telling us that he is disassociating himself from the office of the DPP which is part of the state.

What then shall we system? We seem to have amartures at the highest and respected office in this country, we have had serious scandals allegedly to have associated with State House, issues of the leaked audio, issues of DPP and the like. All this is happening now and seems it will not end here.

My worry is, just like State House refuted issues of agreements and immunities and later binding evidence came out, what if these people have serious proof that indeed meetings and those attending it really happened and were present therein? What will happen to the Presidency? The President and those involved? What if there were recordings to that effect? Will this affect the petitioner or indeed those in the defense mode? Was silence on the matter going to be something to go by? Could we have reached here if this matter was done with honest between the parties and both honouring their pledge without provoking each other?

I am candidly worried, I am basically paturbed at the unfolding of issues around what we are reading on social media and some sections of the media both print and otherwise. This is simply appalling and if not handled well, we shall remain a shell of shame and embarrassment as a country. We are a laughing figure as a nation in the region and beyond. I feel State House and the State have not proffesionallly handled these matters well, I see carelessness and lack of tact and seriousness by those deployed at State House and Government.

What can I say? Nothing at all, I can only speculate, I just pray that these issues as alluded to above will not land us in a situation of shame. Anyway let’s wait for the presser by the Head of State on Monday while we are waiting for the reaction and undoubted response from the petitioner himself and his lawyers who seem to be standing on firm grounds on this matter.



  1. We had thieves in the previous government of PF.

    We were truly hoping to usher in competent people. We got it very wrong.

    We can put things right in 2026.

  2. Problem here is certain issues can not be handled mischievously in the press and then we expect government to come in and discuss confidential issue in the press. That is not how government works.

    Let the make counter presentations in the court of law legally. Besides the government is not on trail here. It’s the silly and bogus deal which was endorsed legally which is being questioned.

    My understanding is that a real case has been established but due to issues that would drag a lot of our institutions into disrepute regarding the underlying issues these very crininal acts were based on it may be prudent to recovery all our asset including the alleged commission of 10 % suspiciously given to the liquidator.

    Why beat on a dead dog. Let it lie there. So the principle used here is that a negotiation to return all proceeds found out and and should there be any future discoveries fund an arrest is in order. Let’s not deviate from the main issue. They stole were caught and now want immunity but will tell on their collaborators. Isn’t this the real story.

  3. Chanoda is just another waffling PF idiot. Why believe and trust one side of the story; the side of thieves. This shows how rotten people’s minds have become in our so-called Christian nation. It’s an open secret that there is a legal provision to avoid prosecution if a thief returns all stolen assets and names all accomplices. Milingo states that his immunity allows him only to step down as KCM provisional liquidator and keep the stolen assets! This is ludicrous. Even his assignment contract is ultra vires as Vedanta did not consent to it.

    • Exactly. An illegal appointment which was dubiously obtained, and purportedly on behalf of Zambians , when behind the scene the were giving an alleged criminals percentages to the company. What are we to do with the international case which found the governmemt with a case to answer over the illegal take over. All these issue will certainly not go away.

      Remember Zamtel, wrong decision done with absolute disregard of international laws but this was not resolved and cannot be swept away. We need to move away from these unreasonable issues that dig a deep hole for us as a country.

      For instance while we are battling with alleged thieves, what is really going on with the investors who were illegally pulled out. Are we sure that this issue is done away with. Or will we pay dearly for this miscalculation and greedy move.

  4. The only amateurs we know are the two balls that Chinoda is carrying. These dogs will soon stop barking when they all meet in prison. Bamwankole, ba kolwe.


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