Paul Monde Shalala Wrote:

Fellows SDAs,

Why do Pastors’ children get employed by the church as soon as they graduate from Theological School but commoners like Joseph Wolff Sicheka Dan spend years on the pending list?

I know of countless friends, some of whom studied at Bugema University (an SDA institution), who never got employed, some became traders at City Market in Lusaka, some went back to University to study for other careers, while others left the SDA Church in frustration.

Why should Daniel Sicheka and many others continue hoping and hoping when the number of Conferences, Fields and Districts in Zambia keep being increased after sessions and jobs being given to Pastors’ children who study the same theology as them?

These are hard facts which we Adventists must address instead of keeping quiet and leaving dedicated men of God getting frustrated and leaving the church in disappointment.

Check the name of Pastors in Zambia, it’s the same names, there are even Juniors in the Ministry: Father and son serving at the same time, or son serving and father retired.

God is watching you our leaders, be fair to the young Pastors, they have the same calling you have.

Paul Shalala
Invested Master Guide and long serving Youth Instructor in the SDA Church


  1. Thumbs up Paul. Lets call a spade a spade, even if it has to hurt somebody. The church is no place for names, it should be for everyone.

    • Pastor hood apart from being a calling, it can also be taken as a profession. That is why they take those years studying in theological colleges. Your profession should feed you and your family. These guys are not fasting from January to January, or their kids schooling in heaven!!
      Their families for those who have,are not eating stones. These are not old days as things have changed.
      The sponsor, the church, has to look ways to take care of these families by employing them. Am not talking about tithes and offerings, these are only “added advantages”
      If you can’t give them jobs after wasting their times in theological colleges, tell them to take other commercials course.period.
      I submit.

  2. Much as it is appreciated that the views brought out are valid, I feel your church the SDA could have been engaged privately to address this matter.

    Nevertheless, if private engagements did not yield any positive results, this is the best approach and I hope the SDA leadership will address this frustrating scenario.

    Why train Pastors you can not employ? Therefore, the Church should train Pastors to fill the vacant positions in the church. If there are no vacant positions then the school should not conduct the course PERIOD.

  3. Kikikikiki, so it is about jobs as Pastors? Ask Jesus if he ever came to employ people. Maybe ask Aaron and the Levites if they were employed as Priests. Is it any wonder that even the title Pastor is so much abused? Kikikikiki.

  4. So, he also wants to eat our offering … Kikikiki
    Some of these things are better discussed privately with the concerned authorities. Why begin to wash dirty linen in public?
    You are already turning out to be a wrong person for the office of Pastor!
    Pastors are trained for Deployment and not employment! Get that right!

  5. Lets face it, even priests and sisters are on some wages so are pastors. If that is what their Church has decided so be it. They need to run normal homes just like everyone else. Paul has actually done well, only that you may not have worshipped there. Things take long and there’s a backlog of issues, some unsolvable. Washing linen in public was a bold step by him. He’s not talking from without, he’s given examples and references.
    The church should give its position to the members

  6. Issues are better off addressed like this. Many are times people talk about addressing issues in privacy, following procedure etc, these procedures are a disguise of intimidation and nothing comes out.
    The problem with SDA Church is that the Administration is to some extent centralized and structured like Catholic Church. A Pentecostal Pastor will not even waste time typing all these complaints but quickly organize a Church and start collecting tithes and offerings. I see the SDA go the same route if the above is not addressed soon. I know they are good at mating disciplinary measures on whosoever they label as off shoot, but how many are they going to discipline if hundreds and thousands are trained and are able to preach and pray for people in the community where they leave? They will definitely start collecting money from their clients and ultimately become their pastors outside the SDA Admin.

  7. Ba AY paliba data pa ma Pastors. Every good Pastors wish is to have a child who follows his steps. Otherwise some Pastors children na cadre awamapo.Good generation behavior is good for the future. If the son of a pastors is qualified and has a calling let him continue were there father left.While it may appear to be nepotism but one can not deny a family calling unless it becomes business.

  8. Christians do not realise it but the devil is running these churches, the devil has won the hearts of these so-called men of god and they are totally blind.

    Churches are supposed to be store houses of God’s wisdom, good morals, knowledge and those that maybe in need of food, clothes, finances must find such help at their respective churches but what we are seeing now is the rotal opposite, the church only attends to the needs of the pastors and their families at the expense of the lost and the poor.

    Pastors are well taken care of by these churches, they live like kings. They are given free food through Pastor’s Basket, free accommodation, free talktime, free electricity, free water, free education, free transport and to top it all off, a hefty salary.

    These churches have forgotten why they exist, they have forgotten about their calling, all they care about is money.

  9. Since the challenge is employment, nepotism and unemployed pastors leaving the church or getting frustrated after training; may I suggest that the same problem of less vacancies for graduating pastors is worldwide and also occur in politics. I am not giving an excuse for any nepotism but Pastors should also ask themselves how they can or will survive after training? My suggestion is the Bibilical model adopted by Paul the might preacher and writer. I believe his approach made him more successful and relevant during His time and this could be an approach I want to suggest. Paul had a trade that provided for his needs and those around him. Why shouldn’t this be adopted? Pastors could also learn to grow healthy nourishing foods for themselves and sell to the public. Could use the extras to support orphans widows etc in his church in addition to providing experience and training for the youth. This could apply to any trade like carpentry.

    This gospel has been abused in the past and a different approach is needed. May I suggest googling and viewing
    ‘Is Jesus Christ an idol? It is a view of someone who preached both in America, Europe and Africa and is an author, musician, entrepreneur and you guessed it – a theologian. His theology or studies also touched other religions like Islam and Kemet. Like Paul he is self sufficient economically and His talk in the clip is not for for the religious faint hearted.
    Wishing everyone a good day and may be SDAs need to look at it internally.

  10. why posting it on social media? you are to engage the church leadership and they will give you the answer you looking for. social media will never give you the answer.

  11. How are you my friend Paul Shalala ? We last met at Mumbuluma falls youth camp probably in 2002 well articulated and nice observation!

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