Wicknell Chivayo shows off US$3.5 million super cars

A new fleet of luxury cars imported by controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo is turning heads in Harare.

Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo is turning heads in Zimbabwe after he showed off a fleet of six all-white imported luxury vehicles worth a staggering US$3.5 million parked at his mansion in Harare.

In just one month, Chivayo has bought four brand new Rolls Royce vehicles from London and then added a Mercedes Benz Maybach and a Range Rover from South Africa.

The duty for the vehicles alone is estimated at around US$1.5 million.

Asked by Nehanda Radio why all the cars are white, Chivayo said “Ndiri Mupostori so white is our color. Moyo muchena wa Jesu.” (I am apostolic and our color is white. The pure heart of Jesus Christ).

Chivayo recently splashed out over USD$100 000 to buy his church leader Lawrence Lavious Katsiru and wife Violet Katsiru two brand new 4×4 vehicles, a 2023 Toyota Hilux and a 2023 Toyota Fortuner VX.

Chivayo together with his company Intratrek Zimbabwe (Private) Limited were in March acquitted of misappropriating US$5,6 million for the abortive 100MW Gwanda Solar Project after Harare Magistrates Court agreed that there had been an unreasonable delay in the prosecution.

While he continues to splash out on brand new cars, Zimbabweans are criticising him for not delivering on the Gwanda Solar Project in which he has already been paid millions.

Chivayo has defended himself by accusing the ZPC of sabotaging the deal by causing his arrest on fraud allegations and then not fulfilling their own contractual obligations.

Wicknell Chivayo with one of his luxury cars (PICTURE/Facebook)

Harare Magistrate Lazini Ncube cleared him in five cases he was was being accused of defrauding the ZPC of US$5,6 million.

Chivayo was facing a multitude of charges including fraud, money laundering, violation of exchange control regulations and confiscation of profits.

The total value of the contract awarded to Chivayo’s company Intratrek Zimbabwe is US$172 848 597.60 and his lawyers argue that USD$ 5 811 224.00 paid by ZPC was partly used to carry out pre-commencement works as agreed under Schedule 11 of the EPC Contract.


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