Kasonde Mwenda

We had regard for President Hakainde Hichilema and hoped despite his shortfalls he was better than the PF but what he has done to the CDF guidelines is total criminality and he must withdraw this illegality of a guideline with immediate effect. Only a Corrupt syndicate of criminals run by a mafia can parallel the path Hakainde Hichilema’s UPND government has taken over the CDF guidelines. That document is a total adulteration and abuse of the Zambian Law with capacity to institutionalize caderism and blatant plunder the nation’s little remaining wealth.

Wherever we want to go our feet shall take us there.
The journey has begun and below is the letter we delivered at the Minister of Local Government’s office:

Hon. Garry Nkombo,
Minister of Local Government and Rural Development
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
P.O Box 50027
Lusaka – Zambia

Dear Sir,
The Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF party has noted with dismay several grave legal abuses and affronts against our Republican Constitution, the Constituency Development Fund-CDF Act, 2018 and the Employment Code Act contained in the just launched 2022 CDF guidelines and earnestly advise that you withdraw it to immediately rectify the following serious breaches:

  1. Constitutional rights affronts of the people of Zambia through its segregative overtures against Zambians in ‘permanent’ employment .
  2. Illegal opening of multiple Bank accounts to administer CDF contrary to the provisions of the CDF Act No. 18 of 2018 which forbids that.
  3. Minister’s abuse of authority by instituting Illegal Distribution of soft-Loans contrary to the mandate of CDF as contained in the CDF Act No. 18 of 2018.
  4. Abuse of authority by the Minister by Illegally directing all Constituencies to compulsorily purchase brand new 4×4 cars contrary to the CDF Act No. 18 of 2018. It is the Community by Law that decides what should be bought from their money not the Minister.
  5. Procedural Impropriety over use of CDF Guidelines contrary to the CDF Act No. 18 of 2018 which guides that Statutory Instrument SI should be used instead to remedy statutory gaps.
    In the interest of Zambian, our democracy and good governance, we wish to advise the Honourable Minister of Local Government that his failure to withdraw the 2022 CDF guidelines immediately will leave us with no choice but to commence legal proceedings as we cite him for aiding the breaking of the law as is prescribed in Section 28 of the CDF Act No. 18 of 2018.

Your expedient intervention is of essence.
‘Wherever we want to go our feet shall take us there.’
Yours sincerely,

Kasonde Mwenda C Changala Siame
EFF- President EFF- Secretary General


  1. Shocked with the cdf and new way of doings things ka. People always resist change. That’s why this country can not go anywhere with such thinking.

  2. Isn’t this the idiot that planted a tree on the middle of a busy road?
    The guidelines are just a guide to help communities budget the CDF. Afterall, they’ve never witnessed such a huge windfall before and couldn’t be left in the dark. They’re a start, will be improved upon in the future, and represent progress in an effort to empower the people at the local level.

  3. Only fools are condemning the guidelines, may be you are one of them, there is no chipantepante in the new dawn government. Everyone is adequately guided starting from Ministers, PSs, DCs, MPs and the constituents, so there will be no excuse for misuse or stealing.

  4. If need be the Minister have a new S.I issued or have the act amended. The current act was designed for the small amount of money being disbursed.

    The upgraded amount requires guidance and checks. We don’t want the money misappropriated or misued so the community ends up loosing out

  5. CDF should just be scrapped! Government funds are supposed to be channeled through relevant Ministries, Departments and Institutions, not through a politicized conyeyance! Development will never be achieved through political conveyance channels, but through economic conveyance channels!

    • I agree with you completely. The current arrangement is prone to abuse by those in the ruling party. Even in a centralized arrangement, money can go to directly to district offices where technocrats sit. The council can help to monitor and ensure the money so sent is not diverted. All will participate without thinking of what parties they belong to.


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