Wynter Munacaambwa Kabimba


Economic Front (EF) president, Wynter Kabimba, has warned UPND that the ending will be worse than the former ruling Patriotic Front (PF), who overlooked the issue of caderism when in power and urged them to tame their cadres.

Mr. Kabimba was reacting to a video circulating where a UPND youth, Brian Mulenga, was threatening to deal with individuals like Mr. Raphael Nakacinda for allegedly insulting the head of state. In the video, the cadre is heard challenging the police to act failure to which cadres would deal with Mr. Nakacinda.

Mr Kabimba said the ending was going to be bad for the UPND if they left this cancer to grow as it would be the end of them.

“My advice to the President and the UPND, in general, is that they should not entertain caderism in the country because it will be the end of the UPND because Zambians have stated that they do not entertain hooliganism,” he said.

Mr. Kabimba said that the ACC and Police were acting as sadists hell-bent on causing misery on people that were perceived enemies of the ruling party.

The UPND youths have lately has been making a case that the opposition is out to disrespect and embarrass President Hakainde Hichilema.

Yesterday, UPND Lusaka Province youth chairperson Mr. Anderson Banda called on the opposition members to have constructive criticism and not bring the name of the head of State into ridicule.

Mr. Banda said the opposition shouldn’t take the calmness and tolerance by the UPND youths as a source of weakness but they are doing so to respect the rule of law.

Mr Banda said the mandate has been left in the hands of the law enforcement agencies but if they dare the law enforcers, the UPND Youths will have no option but to respond in a way which they would understand.

He has called upon the opposition members like Mr. Raphael Nakachinda, Mr. Bowman Lusambo, and others to practice mature politics because UPND Government has created a conducive environment to accommodate everyone in the political arena unlike before under their regime.

Speaking when he featured on Prime TV breakfast show dubbed “WAKE UP ZAMBIA”, Mr. Banda said politics of character assassination and propaganda will not make PF relevant to the people of Zambia who suffered beyond measures.

Mr Banda said it is unfortunate that Nakachinda and Lusambo are seeking public attention hence going as far as insulting and mocking the Head of state who is busy working on the economy which was plundered by the previous regime.


  1. UPND cadres have little to do nowadays. They are looking for the slightest opportunity to be relevant. They are looking for the slightest pretext to perpetuate the old condemned ways of PF of intimidating and attacking people. Their fingers are itching to inflict violence because that was the only purpose for their existence. UPND cadres are now the most arrogant and most insolent in our society. They abuse anyone who disagrees with their leaders’s already failing utopian agenda for Zambia. They are now slowly discovering that the leader-god they thought would immediately fix everything after 21 August,2021 is a gonga-fake-god after all with a reverse development programme for Zambians. UPND cadres are now privately aware that many Zambians have now developed very real doubts about HH’s capacity and honesty. That is the reason they are making threats and insulting so that people can refrain from criticising HH. One can almost predict the disastrous ending of this UPND jolly ride.

  2. It’s a good thing that a tab is being kept on the cadres and ‘the overall situation’. Bally and Co. know the enormity of their responsibility.

  3. Economic Front (EF) president, Wynter Kabimba, should be ashamed by his deeds when he was PF SG as he introduced weapons to party cadres by buying them Pangas. This situation will haunt you Mr Kabimba shameless leadership.

  4. What Kabimba is saying is only relevant to himself. He should have implemented what he is saying when he was Secretary General of PF. At the moment he should be busy trying to make his party tick even in his village in Shibuyunji where it does not exist because villagers know him very well. He Mr. Kabimba has made his political mission that of fighting HH. He used to say UPND is a party of going forward every time and never reach their destination. Now he should realise that we are getting there. You do not join politics to settle political scores otherwise you will be declared irrelevant.


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