YouTuber who crashed a plane to get views sentenced six months

Trevor Jacob skydiving, filming himself holding a selfie stick with his empty plane in the sky above him

A person who makes videos on YouTube has been sent to jail for six months because he crashed his plane on purpose to get more views, and then lied about it to investigators in the United States.

Trevor Jacob, who is 30 years old, put up a video of a plane crashing in December 2021, suggesting that it was not on purpose. He jumped out of the plane holding a selfie stick and used a parachute to land.

The video was watched by millions of people.

In a deal with the court, Jacob admitted that he made the video as part of a deal with a company.

The person who used to compete in the Olympics for snowboarding admitted earlier this year that they committed a serious crime by trying to hide evidence to stop a federal investigation.

Federal prosecutors in California said on Monday that Jacob most likely did this crime to get attention on social media and news and to make money.

“However, we cannot accept this kind of risky behavior,” they said.

Jacob said that he felt very down to earth by this experience and thought it was the best choice.

In November 2021, Jacob flew by himself from an airport in Santa Barbara, California. He had cameras on his plane. Jacob brought a parachute, cameras, and a selfie stick with him.

He did not want to go to where he was supposed to go. Instead, he wanted to jump out of his airplane with a parachute and film himself. The airplane would crash while he was parachuting to the ground. This information was given by the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California.

The airplane had an accident and hit the Los Padres National Forest 35 minutes after it took off. Jacob walked to the place and found the video.

He put a video called “I had a plane accident” on YouTube on December 23rd. The video also advertised a company that sells wallets, the prosecutors said.

Some people weren’t sure about the crash. They saw that Jacob had a parachute and didn’t try to land the plane safely.

He told the National Transportation Safety Board about the crash and they said he needed to keep the wreckage safe. Jacob said he didn’t know where the site was.

He went and came back in a helicopter, then he removed the wreckage and got rid of it later, as the plea agreement says.

The video got almost three million views before it was taken down.


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