Laura Miti
Laura Miti

Laura Miti
Looking at the close Kenya election, I am reminded of my conviction that the Zambian 2015 election was rigged with the cooperation of the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

This is because results announced multiple times, over a 7 day period, always had EL ahead of HH. Now, the 1% final difference between the 2 makes that a mathematical impossibility.

Hope a tell-all book will be written by someone in the know one day.


  1. Amazing. Who is in a better position to rig an election. The opposition or the incumbent. In order to rig you need access.

    I don’t understand this type of confused logic. Without deducing any evidence a legal learned person utters these serious allegations causally after seeing an election in a foreign land.

    Wonders will never end.

  2. Mate, you missed the point. Laura’s assertion is that the PF, being the incumbent, rigged the elections in favour of ECL.

    • You know what indeed I did. Guess I didn’t realise the dates mentioned. I guess she has a point. I withdraw my observations. Guess evidence was not allow to be tabled. I stand corrected.


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