Zambia Capable Of Winning Afcon Again, Chipolopolo Need National Solidarity- Gideon Mwenya

Gideon Mwenya


…Gideon Mwenya describes 2023 as big for Zambian Football

By Anderson Nkhoma, Kitwe

In his review of 2023, Gideon Mwenya, the formidable Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Presidential Candidate, has taken pride in Zambia’s men and women national teams’ exceptional performances.

The highlight includes the historic participation of the Zambia women’s football team in the FIFA Women’s World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand last year.

A monumental achievement followed as the Chipolopolo secured qualification for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) for the first time since 2015, overcoming three attempts.

Mwenya has expressed his heartfelt wishes to the Copper Bullets as they embark on the AFCON journey, commencing on January 13, 2024.

With optimism in his voice, Mwenya envisions a second AFCON victory, echoing the 2012 triumph and believes in the team’s capacity to bring the cup home.

Mwenya, passionate about Zambian football, is fervently rallying fans to unite in support of the Chipolopolo. Recognizing the fans as an integral force, he has since called for unwavering support to fuel the team’s success on the international stage.

Regarding his ambition to lead FAZ in the upcoming elections, Mwenya, who is also the President of Konkola Mine Police Club, reaffirms his unwavering commitment.

In his appeal to FAZ Councillors, he has declared that his aspiration is alive, urging them not to doubt his dedication to steering FAZ toward new heights.

As a football strongman from the Copperbelt Province, Mwenya has emphasized the critical importance of unity within Zambia’s football community. Beyond personal ambitions, he has implored FAZ leadership to embrace every member, fostering an environment of inclusivity for the sake of unity and progress.

Gideon Mwenya stands as a beacon of hope for Zambian football, not only envisioning triumphs on the field but also promoting unity and inclusivity for a brighter future.


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