… says some politicians have made the county divided and intolerant.

Lusaka … Tuesday, 6th June 2023 [Smart Eagles]

Golden Party Zambia GPZ President Jackson Silavwe has called for issue based politics in the country.

Speaking when he featured on DC Talk Radio in Lusaka this morning, Mr. Silavwe said the type of politics being practiced is toxic and is causing division and intolerance in the country.

He said the GPZ will focus on sober politics that focuses on issues that matter most and meets the needs of Zambians.

” We pledge to practice sober and issue based politics that will ensure we focus on issues that matter most. The type politics being practiced in the country is toxic, the country has been divided, has made Zambians intolerant to the extent that we see each other as enemies, ” Mr. Said.

And the GPZ leader said corruption must be fought with vigor and that the focus should not only be on politicians.

” corruption must be fought with vigor and the focus should not be on politicians but the general citizenry as well. We always focus on corruption among politicians and yet a police officer is being bribed everyday. We have police traffic officers who are on a every road everyday while crime levels are going up in compounds and people’s household are being robbed,” He said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Silavwe said there is need for political parties to be self reliant to avoid being captured by foreign influence.

He adds that it becomes difficult for a political party that forms using external funding attached with conditions to deliver according to the aspiration of citizens.


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