ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mapani
ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mapani


ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mapani has abolished certain directorates at the utility.

He has also fired many PF Directors and senior managers.

He has fired the following appointed on tribal grounds by the previous regime:

1. Patrick Mwila Director Strategy and Corporate Affairs,

2. Chiti Mataka, Director Commercial and Customer Services,
3. Mrs. Rhoda Mwale, Director Human Resources and

4. Director Generation, Mr. Fidelis Mubiana.


1. Kariba Power Station Manager, Alick Silavwe,

2. Kafue Gorge Power Station Manager, Wilson Banda.
3. Dr Mwelwa
4. Chileshe Luputa
5. Bessie Banda

6. Isaac Chisanga
7. Felix Chifwaila
8. Alice simbaya
9. Brian Kambole
10. Dambile Kabemba
11. Thomas Nyirenda (DM CBD)

12. Mwalimu Silwembe
13. Kennedy Sichone
14. Percy Chisanga.

15. Mutale Mambwe – Malambo Worshop

17.Mathew Phiri – Malambo worshop

18. Kennedy Sichone


  1. It is a mere purge from ZESCO of those from the North-eastern Zambia so that room may be created for those from North-western Zambia. We know this boastful Mapani from UNZA to be Tonga doing HH’s bidding. The people he is firing are mostly degree holders, some with masters degrees. It has nothing to do with them having been appointed by PF. Some of them like Bessie Banda and many others got jobs with ZESCO when MMD was in power. This is nothing but pure ethnic cleansing.

  2. Should we expect that he will replace these people with Tonga people?

    Zambia Railways part 2.

    We all remember what happened when Hachipuka was boss there.

  3. What ethnic cleansing? Mundende purged all the directors he inherited from Chitundu and people like observer saw nothing wrong with that. You’re even bringing in the tribe of Victor MAPANI. Shame on tribalists like you!!

  4. Fired because of being appointed on tribal line or they can not perform? Tribal doesn’t add value but what we want is job being done. Those people you have fired they have got families, that is just a work. Appointing only from one tribal it very dangerous hope pf they have learned a lesson, this one may look as if the government is fighting a certain group. Let us learn to bring people in all provinces as we appoint These guys. Pf you promoted tribalism in Zambia . Better you abolish those positions or appoint all tribals.

  5. Things are getting tough. Brace yourself. Can’t say I understand it all. Best to wait and hear the facts.

    One thing for sure is that such firing of high placed individual professionals spells very serious under currents in the institution. It’s prudent to inform the nation on what necessitated such a drastic move. It very alarming and worrying.

    Concerned Zambian. Needing answers.

  6. @Kubeja Badala
    We know a lot about what is going on in this government. We even know of a high ranking government officer at the highest level of government who has been told by his boss that his relative should be nowhere near the corridors of power because he is suspected to be PF and comes from the North.

  7. @Kubeja Badala
    For your own information, this gentleman from a top government institution went on leave only to be told after coming back from leave that his office was taken up by another person and he needed to get his things out of the office. When his relative occupying a high ranking office in government tried to have him transferred to another government office, she was told by the boss not to have him anywhere near the corridors of power.

  8. The move could be cost cutting measure! We are yet to hear more from loss making Zesco. In the first place, were managerial appointments from one region coincidental and on merit? In any case did you expect the new MD not reorganise for fear of the move being construed to be tribally inclined cos the job holders are from one region! Be reasonable people. If he has purged incompetents from North-East that have failed the country, he must be applauded! Going forward what must concern us are the replacements; will they be on merit? If so please don’t bother, if for a change new appointees happen to be from Southern/ Northwestern/ Central/ Western/ Copperbelt!!!! Please people oppose HH and UPND as much as you want but stop being downright silly. If HH fails the country we are all under it!

  9. There is no ethnic cleansing. If there is, Mr Chagwa Lungu could have been the first to be cleansed by being locked up in Mukobeko to settle a score. Lucky to have a President like HH7 who feels the pain of others. As for Zesco we understand payslips are bloated because people were put there to reward them for being good cadres. People who are from certain regions were retired in “National Interest” and the man who is”the obsever” did not shout “enthnic cleansing!” when these people were purged from the civil service and parastatals.

  10. There is no tribalism here. ZESCO is bloated with tax payers’ parasites consuming our money whilst making losses. They also got big loans which we collectively have to pay backs. any reasonable person should not sympathise with these parasites. Of course, some of them might be innocent but are suffering because of the tribalism of PF. But companies are about growth and profit not about taking care of dependants. Get rid of them and bring in a diverse team of people.

    PF appointed people on tribal lines. That mistake should not be repeated ever again.

  11. Are these the last Bembas and Easterners in Zambia, never mind those from other tribes who hv been retired/ fired also? Radio phone-in programmes have lots of complaints against Zesco. The company is also heavily in debt and losing money. Should life-as-usual continue then? No one is interested in questions like that.

  12. Firing only Bembaz and Easternaz doesn’t mean Zesco only had two tribes. Moreover Zesco has a lot of Directors across the country. Can we also see tongaz been fired please. I dont trust my relatives from southern. Now imagine a bemba takes over in 2031? Clearing of tongaz too?

  13. Zesco is too top heavy and therefore directors had to go. Some of them like human resources director had to go because they facilitate cadres into the system. Let other parastatals also follow suit.

  14. Just private Zesco, kwasila! This sentimentality about it being a National Asset is typical African and Zambian Psyche and is Infantile in nature, and a “National Burden” because it starves a Company of Capital Injection and Quality Management!! We cannot share “Poverty and Suffering”. Most British Parastatals were privatised or commercialised under the “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s and are now may be contributing positively to the British Economy? Why keep a chi Company which is loss making and riddled with “political murmurings” every 5 years whenever there is a change of Boma? We always like to hold on to unnecessary “Baggage” and Millstones to “sink us”! Look at the Premier Soccer League Clubs in England, are the Owners these Clubs? but because they make money every “Jim and Jack” even those tuma “Old Age Pensioners” nama Rastas who flock to the Post Office to get their weekly “Dole Money” benefit, because the whole National Economy is vibrant!!!!

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