£6.9 million stolen goods to be returned to Nigeria


A court has decided that Nigeria can get back stolen money totaling £6. 9m ($89m)

Jersey’s Attorney General told the Royal Court in Jersey to give up something in November.

The court decided that the money in the Jersey bank account was probably stolen by Nigerian government officials in 2014.

The assets will be discussed with Nigeria to be given back.

Money was moved in a way that looked like the government was buying weapons, but it was actually being used for something else during attacks by Boko Haram in Nigeria from 2009 to 2015.

‘People who have been hurt by a criminal’

The Jersey government said that it’s likely that the money meant for legal weapons deals was moved to and from foreign bank accounts through fake companies.

The Attorney General’s office said they think the money went to the former ruling party’s family members and was shared among its members during the 2015 general elections in Nigeria. They also said the tainted property was going to be used for this “illegal transaction”.

Mark Temple, who is a lawyer for the King, said that the Jersey government had worked closely with Nigeria to get back the property for the Nigerian people.

He said: “The 2018 Forfeiture Law is doing a good job in getting back stolen money from corruption and giving it back to the people who were hurt by crime. ”

“I plan to make a deal with Nigeria to get back something valuable. “


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