ACC Raids Stanely Kakubo’s House In Search For Evidence Of Graft

Stanley Kakubo
Stanley Kakubo

ACC turns Kakubo’s house upside down

A TEAM of investigators from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) yesterday turned Stanley Kakubo’s house in Lusaka’s Woodlands area upside down as they searched for evidence of graft.

Barely 24 hours after his resignation as foreign affairs minister in the wake of a business scandal, law enforcement agents have become Kakubo’s new ‘companions’.

According to sources, ACC officers arrived at Kakubo’s house on Lewanika close around 10:00 hours and spent the next six hours searching the premises.

On Tuesday, Kakubo tendered in his resignation letter as minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation following allegations that he swindled Lian An Mining Company Limited and its director Zhang Lian An out of US$300, 000.

Kakubo is said to have breached a contract they had entered into for the sale of his mine in Kasempa after having received US$300, 000 and a Mercedes Benz X class registration number ADE 5962 as part payment.

The Kapiri mposhi member of parliament is said to have been dishonest in his dealings for selling the mine to someone else despite having received payment.

Lian An is now reclaiming the money and a car it gave to Kakubo and threatened to sue him if he does not return the items.

According to a search warrant issued to Kakubo by the Anti-graft body the commission suspects the evidence connecting the minister to allegations of corrupt practices was lying in his premises hence the reason they searched his house.

By Mwaka Ndawa



  1. The ACC made an appointment with Kakubo days ago. I am sure all evidence has been moved. All they will do is drink tea and biscuits while pretenting to search the residence.

  2. This is something which was unthinkable under the PF, the guys in government were untouchable, they were a law in themselves. HH and his ND government have really changed things in Zambia.

  3. A couple of days ago, he was Zambia’s face to the outside world. A few days from now, he will be the ACC’s guest because they want to find out what he has been up to. Does he know the Chinese man? Is he the one in the video? Was he paid the alleged sum of money? Does he know anything about the Mercedes-Benz car? Only Stanley Kakubo knows the whole truth which should see to it that he continues to be a free man or lose his freedom. HH’s warning to his colleagues has been consistent.

  4. It’s a good warning to the spineless ones!
    Better to be straight in life!
    If you have not legally earned it, it’s not yours!
    A good name is better than all the wealth this world can offer!
    You are on your own!
    Even the little good you may have done will not be remembered the moment you engange in a little folly!
    As the bible says, a little folly outweighs ALL righteousness!

  5. You expect him to keep incriminating evidence at his premises when you have already told him you are coming. This raid was supposed to have taken place before he even resigned and before anyone even had an inkling of what he was doing.

  6. He moved every shred of evidence and next the Chinese national is facing the rough of these core corrupt toothless police, ACC, DEC and the judiciary for exposing their inner circle.
    Rats are coming to roast you the new dawn corrupt toothless government of the corrupted the crooked government of whose desire is to mass wealth and leave a legacy of corruption and poverty.


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