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Mutale Mwanza writes


I would like to sincerely apologise to the Diamond TV family and to the Nation at large for using the F word on live TV yesterday. I was tipsy and excited to receive an award from such an influential media house. Diamond TV is part of my TV family and I value our relationship. Drunk or excited, my behavior was inexcusable. Please accept my My sincere apologies Mr Mwansa.

As for the Sean Tembo “ zero “ joke, I have no regrets because Sean polled zeros in the just ended General Elections. These zeroes are well documented on National TV, therefore I will not apologize for his zero’s. They happened and we all saw them. Everyone laughs about it.

Definition of joke : “ a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline. “

In conclusion, he must just be strong.

To my fans The M- Nation 💣
Thankyou for the support. Let’s continue building each other for the betterment of all.

Mutale Mwanza,
Double M.


  1. I hope you grow to be 90 to appreciate the figure “zero”. Your lovely mum forgot to remind you to never insult a man before his better half. Good luck.

  2. Last nights episode with the drunk insulting lady was sad. She must have some very serious internal issues. Its like she has serious issues with everybody. She went to the deep end and unearthed serious mental and psychological issues. I think she needs help. She acts strong but is actually very soft and fragile inside. The thick skin is a disguise of the emotional under currents going on.

    She appears to a very lonely person even though surrounded by a 1,000 people. Please those close to her reach out to her, she definitely needs help.

    As for diamond TV we understand and appreciate that style is evolving but try to be descent. We know your young women presenters may want to cast their nets wide but dressing to point of almost become naked like the young lady you showed was off key. Remember your audience are your drinking mates but come have different dignified walks of life.

    Improve on this okay.

  3. This thing if it was in the western world would have a psychiatric disease named after her,something like Mutale’s syndrome,a combination of ubututu nokutumpa


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