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By : Cheelo Katambo

Just when I thought this Saturday will end with Liverpool earning and rightly so it’s place at the top of the EPL and our National Futsal Team qualifying to Morocco AFCON 2024, my WhatsApp notification lights up.

What do I see, Awisi Tasila and the WAILERS announcing another ganja filled wailing concert slated for Sunday February 11th, in the year of our Lord 2024. As usual, my dear cousin and renowned State Counsel Saki is on deck. He seems to have unceremoniously returned from the land of the politically dead.

I’m anxiously just like everybody else who contributed to the downfall of Awisi Tasila waiting to listen to the Ganja smoking WAILERS give the nation their new revolutionary red eyed lamentation on how the country is expected to go without food like the proverbial Egypt because some ‘Shrewd Smiling Capitalist’ has not provided enough rains.

Could they be formally announcing the release of their latest single of lamentations on how HH and his band have failed the people of Barotseland or how the chiefs will become politicians reporting to the President – General Awisi Tasila in 2051. But whatever the case, what I know is that HH will be a subject of accusation without telling the clansmen what the WAILERS would have done better. I’m also sure that No Reporter from the SDA run Hope Channel will grace this concert lest they sneak in a question that would leave Awisi Tasila sweating.

Missing from among the WAILERS is bondate Akende ( yet to find out from Brian his GESTAPO on why he seems to be missing the highly publicized concert) and Bashi Oliver who seem not to trust Awisi Tasila and his shrewd schemes aimed at leaving them as backing vocalists.

In the meantime, let me drown my sorrows of the night knowing that the SADC region will be home to Africa’s third and fourth best footballing nation by the end of tonight.

Till we meet tomorrow at the concert ….Ndaunka NdeMwembezhi

Media Colleagues
Invited Guests

10th February, 2024

There will be an Opposition Political Parties Alliance Press briefing on Sunday the 11th February, 2024 at 14:00 hours at New Heritage Party Secretariat in Woodlands, Lusaka.

Invited guests are requested to be seated by 13:30hrs.

Only invited media and/ or journalists are requested to attend.

Note -The live broadcasts will be carried on the Facebook pages of the concerned Political Parties and/ or their Presidential pages.

Issued by:
Jackson Silavwe
President- Golden Party of Zambia, GPZ

Ms Saboi Imboela
President- National Democratic Congress, NDC


  1. Saki, Kalaba and Silavwe should not destroy themselves in this manner, they should have come up with a more meaningful “Tree the hard way” than “The Dirty Dozen” which will just drug them down, “Three the hard way” would have been more attractive to other non aligned politicians to join the movie because it could have exhibited some level of seriousness. But Maybe it is the Kasaka Kandalama they are eying and not political rulership, it is a good way of trying to share some former public resources

  2. But this kasaka kandalama is confusing some people.Thats what corruption does,the money is just dongled.And those that are targeted rash there and start sharing.No proper agenda but to smeer dirty on one name.Common words in the meeting.
    Ubufi,liar,selfish, failure, cholera,barotse,tribal,region,cdf, persecution,thief, corruption,ukuitemwa,mealimeal,maize, fertilizer,statehouse,power,community house,elections,early,kutumpa,pompwe, evacuating,newdown, constitution, referendum,Lozi,Mbunda,Nkoya,BRE,people,land,road,market,dolar,kwacha,exchange, inflation,hunger,price,the name of someone e.t.c just wait and see.

    • And conman.

      If we had credible opposition, Hakainde the conman would not have a leg to stand on. I think he will be the least remembered president in Zambia. His one term in office can not come to an end sooner.

      These are wasted years for our beautiful country.

  3. Advise for Kasaka Kandalama if he wants to continue in politics is to be invincible and support a person by remote, do that people do not link Kasaka to that person, Kasaka can use his tu saka to develope this person politically until this person takes over, because once people link Kasaka to that person, then that person is as finished as Kasaka himself. People know and can see through Kasaka, he is no longer a political factor but a local tourist attraction. But he confuses tourism to popularity


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