Bembas Through Kola Foundation Starts Mobilizing For 2026 Presidential And General Elections



This is to inform all proud descendants of Kola (intuntuko ya lubemba) that the Kola Foundation will hold a meeting on Saturday, 6th January, 2023 at 10:00hrs at Broken Arrow Lodge, Lusaka.

The agenda will include:

(1) Mobilization of all Kola Foundation affiliated groupings and people ahead of the 2026 presidential and general elections.

(2) Arbitrary arrests, harassment, persecution and torture of persons from Kola, Kumawa and other regions such as Chishimba Kambwili among others.

(3) The executive’s systematic destruction of opposition political parties with Kola region origins using the legislature, judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

(4) Analysis and Review of the voting patterns of the 2021 presidential and parliamentary elections and how the same can be replicated in Kola regions.

(5) Wanton retirement and dismissal of people from Northern, Eastern, Muchinga, Luapula and other Kola descendants in the civil service.

(6) Take stock of all developmental and infrastructure projects currently running in Northern, Eastern, Muchinga and Luapula Provinces and how the said projects are being funded in comparison to other regions in the country.

(7) The escalating cost of living in the country and Government’s inability to address the same.

( His Majesty, The Litunga of Barotseland’s visit to Lubemba during the last Ukusefya pa Ng’wena traditional ceremony and how the two regions can forge unity, trust and mutual cooperation between their peoples in various sectors to guarantee progress and prosperity for the two poorest regions of Zambia.

(9) Promotion of our culture, identity and heritage through unity and cooperation with all patriotic citizens in the country.

(10) Any other business

NOTE: Be proud of your roots and do not be intimidated or discouraged by any one. When our brothers and sisters from Southern Province felt that their existence as a people was under threat, they convened “Chuundu Chaitwa” to reassure, support and protect their people. So what we are doing here is nothing new in this country.

Issued by: Patrick Bwalya Mukuka


  1. You see now what this UMOZI KUM’MAWA has triggered. Next you will have the people of North Western and Copperbelt regions inviting the Southern, Lusaka and Western regions to join them to revive the once British Protectorate of Barosteland, giving it a name acceptable to all. You know, this hegemony by certain ethnic groups will certainly set this country on fire.
    It’s very clear that some ethnic groups think they have the monopoly of wisdom and only they can provide presidents to rule over all others.
    This is a very dangerous narrative and only evil minded people can push it.

      • Ba Indigo, if we are to be objective you know very well that the current regional/tribal divide was authored by PF led by Mr. Kambwili, Prof. Luo and their ilk. It was PF’s official defacto policy just like the “uubomba mwibala alya mwibala” thieving philosophy.

        PF did a lot of damage to our country, morally, economically, politically, spiritually. It will take at least ten years for the wounds to begin to heal.

        • Ba JMC,

          That is why PF was voted out. Why is that so hard to understand?

          Hakainde is doing the exact same thing PF were doing. Tribalism, corruption, oppression, and economic incompetence. The only trouble with Hakainde is that cost of living has more than doubled under his watch, and our mines are being given to foreigners. Oh, and that we have less cadres, though they are still there and getting causing havoc.

          Stop pointing at PF, we voted them out. Instead, point at your own successes, but there are very few. Is that not a reasonable request from a voter?

          I submit ba JMC.

          • Just to add, there is no real tribal division on the ground in the bigger cities and towns. Yes political elements thrive on tribal divisions, and clearly there are many tribal appointments by Hakainde. It does not mean the whole Zambia, including all Tonga, support this. Most Tonga people are married to other tribes, and they find the current tribalism disgusting. They know their children will get sidelined just because they carry their father’s name Mulenga or Zulu.

            The same way tribalism was rejected in 2021, it will get rejected again in 2026.

          • Ba Indigo, you cannot talk about our country’s woes without mentioning PF. In the first place, they authored the chaos. Secondly, if you forget about the past, you are likely to repeat the same mistake, such as bringing PF or a similar party back into power.

            We must keep reminding PF of their misrule. It is very clear from their behaviour that they have no remorse regarding the damage they wreaked on our nation. They actually think that their performance was outstanding and everybody wants them back!

          • Ba JMC, we might as well talk about MMD, UNIP and ANC. We can not shut the door after the horse has already bolted.

            Voters are not interested in PF. You will not hear voters cursing or blaming PF for the high cost of living under Hakainde. Or the ailing Kwacha, or high petrol prices. Voters are blaming Hakainde for these. They are not interested in the blame game. They voted for someone that promised he could fix the mess. Unfortunately, he has made it a lot worse. If UPND thing I am talking nonsense, they will get shocked in 2026. I kept telling PF cadres the same thing, look what happened to them. Majority of Voters like me are non partisan. We do not support nonsense because we know Zambia can be much better. These crooks in power are just taking us for a ride. Only KK and Levy had good pure intentions for our country. The rest are all just useless thieves, except maybe Sata who cared for the poor but tolerated thug behaviour.

    • You will end up hating your fellow citizens for nothing. There’s nothing credible that can come out of Chilufya Tayali’s mind. Dismiss this trash and get on with life.

      • It is exactly what Hakainde wants, for tribes to fight each other. KK knew this cowboy from the time he was still soiling nappies made from banana leaves and cow dung. He knew what bad spirit this conman is. What is wrong with him?

  2. Ba Mukuka, please leave us out of this nonsense. Your regional agenda has very short legs and won’t go far. To be honest, I pray that this gathering will be a resounding failure. Tribalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

    You can count me out. As for the visit by the Litunga to the Kusefya pa ng’wena ceremony, I feel it was done in good faith and it is gross misconduct and indiscipline to link it to your regional agenda. Did you consult the Chiti Mukulu and his advisors for you to incorporate it in your agenda?

    As a people, let us refuse to be used by self seeking individuals. Those who break the law must be held accountable as individuals. Let us not turn Kambwili’s woes into a universal crisis. Are you proud of his tribal utterances? I found them extremely embarrassing and offensive and hee is getting his just deserts.

  3. My only advice to these regional groupings is to just advocate for a Federal State than engaging in activities that can destroy the little left of this country!
    So far, the sentiment is very clear. We have the Umozi Kumawa tribal group, there is the Chuundu Chaitwa tribal group, you have the Kola tribal group, you have the Barotse and Linyungandambo tribal groupings all calling for the same thing, wako ni wako tribalism!
    We need very wise leaders in these dangerous Matthew chapter 24 times when Nation shall rise against nation, tribe against tribe and it’s all here in plain sight!
    Unfortunately, ECL and HH don’t have what it takes to unify a diverse nation!
    We need more peace makers, maybe we’ll be lucky to get away with the impending tribal storm!
    God save Zambia!


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