Beware of the ominous return of Edgar Lungu to active politics, as he rallies his followers with a fervent clarion call for battle


#Banabaao~Beware of the ominous return of Edgar Lungu to active politics, as he rallies his followers with a fervent clarion call for battle.

His thuggish party faction, well-versed in aggression, eagerly embraces the incitement. The onslaught of insults on Double H7 intensifies, especially from the diaspora where accountability seems elusive. Contrastingly, UPND refrains from unleashing violence on those criticising their leader.

The looming return of ECL’s PF forewarns a potentially bloody resurgence. The threat lies not just in opposition, but in the sinister prospect of them reclaiming power. This menacing gang must be dismantled, for their return spells peril for the corridors of governance.

Prosterity will judge this Hichilema/Nalumango administration quite harshly if they allow this little beautiful land locked country to slide into a vigilante State.

© Linda Banks
The ECL Legacy
Hakainde Hichilema
W.K Mutale Nalumango


    • Ba Zamzam, yes, just like you voted for Mr. Lungu in 2021. It won’t make any difference and your Mr. Lungu will meet an ignominous defeat in 2026, worse than the 2021 rout when he had all the advantages of incumbency.

      Mr. Lungu was a disaster for Zambia.

    • Zamzam
      You need to increase the dosage of the medication which you taking. Surely it’s no longer working and is exposing you to the dangers of your poorly treated mental health ok.

  1. Voting is anyone’s right as long as they reach a certain certified age and it’s done in secrecy. The ‘we’ story is what let you folks down. Ati alebwele where? The country turned so chaotic because of the so called useless commanders.

  2. It’s very easy to ruthlessly deal with ECL and his violent criminal gang!
    Not sure why UPND seems politically impotent to deal a death blow to hooliganism!
    Zambia enjoyed peace and tranquility from 2021 to mid 2023, then came the ECL demons that have disturbed the peace since his return to public politics (Remember he never retired from politics and was chewing state funds by false pretenses).
    It’s very easy to tame ECL and his gang!
    Send ECL to Rwanda to answer treason charges! We don’t want rebel leaders and warlords on our soil! His name has come out in Rwanda Courts as the alleged chief financier of rebels in Rwanda!
    Those who are asking HH7 to declare his assets, kindly assist us to understand why ECL and gang removed from our procedures the need to declare one’s assets when filing nominations!
    In 2016, the country was in shock to learn about ECL’S exponential rise of his net worth from K2.3m to K23m in a matter of one year!
    Only Heavens will tell us the true net worth of this mambala as at 2021! No wonder he could call his retirement package as chicken feed. Now that he is back in politics, let him also declare his assets! He thinks he is now too rich to fund rebel activities at home and regionally!
    Once he is proved guilty in Rwanda, cancel his NRC and declare him Stateless! We can also deregister PF and ban it’s affiliate gangs from ever showing their ugly faces on our political scene!
    Zambia needs some peace and quiet to protect the ongoing process of cleaning up the very PF mess!


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