Blueface’s Mom Says Blue Blocked Her From Having Sex with Shaq


Blueface’s mom went viral earlier this year after she said she turned down sex with Shaq, Usher, and 50 Cent.

With Shaq, it’s a little more complicated than that.

During a chat with Jason Lee, Karlissa Safford said she was good to go, but a little Blueface cock blocked.

“[Shaq] came to the house but damn Jonathan woke up. She he just calling and calling in front of my house. I’m trying to put him to sleep. I don’t want him to know, I got the kids in here. Couldn’t be him to sleep, so I just stopped answering the phone,” she explained.

Blue responded to the interview on Twitter

“You should have told me it was shaq I would have played sleep for cuz” Blue typed.


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