To; Hon. Stanley Kakubo

Reference is made to the above captioned matter.

Please take note that we act for and on behalf of Lianan Mining Company
Limited and Mr. Zhang Lianan, hereinafter called our client an as such note
our interest.

Our client has informed us that on the first of May 2022, you had entered
into a Joint Venture agreement with our client for the exploration on your
mine held in Kasempa.

The agreement stated that your company holds various mineral property
interents or rights thereto, directly, or indirectly, located in Kasempa and
our client was interested in carrying out prospecting works on your mine.

It was agreed that there would be a joint operation under which the
proceeds where to be shared at a rate of 50% for each party.

It was further agreed that the parties would establish, upon execution, a venture for the purpose of conducting prospecting operations on the project for a period af three months for the investment recovery and an additional four months for profit sharing between the two companics with an option to renew.

It was also agreed that Hounslow was to be responsible for any dispute between government and traditional leaders.

However, we have been informed that the said agreed works were halted before the agreed three months had clapsed, as an injunction was granted to Grizzly Mining Limited stopping the said agreed works.

Our client further informs us that a total sum of United States Dollars $300, 000.00 for the said project was paid to you in advance and a motor vehicle registration number ADE 5962, a Mercedes Benz X Class belonging to our
client is also in your possession.

We have further been informed that our clientt has been unable to recover the said investment amount as agreed and you are in the process of selling the said mine.

We have further been informed by our client that he and the company had incurred costs for a period of three months on four machines that were packed at your mine namely;

demand Considering that the your foregoing. company our refund frm our client instructions are, the payments of United States Dollars $300 000. 00 and interest therein at the previling Bank of Zambla lending rate and within 48 hours.

Furthermore, United Sitates Dollars $428,400,00 for the machines that were
kept at your mine should also be paid.

A further United States Dollars $164,800 for tipper trucks that were to be used for the project and were kept at your mine for 60 days.

You are also requested to return the above-mentioned Merceden Benz motor vehicle within 48-hours.

A further 10% of the total amounts due to our client, shall be-paid together with the amount herein stated, an statutory collection fee.

Should you fail to meet this demand, we have instructions to commence /legal action without any further-recourse to you and that the costs shall be borne by you.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter by signing on the copy attached to this letter.


…video and documents show he collected $200,000 and a luxury car from a Chinese national…

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo is in a new scandal.

He received $200,000 and a luxury Mercedes Benz for the sale of a mine he claimed he owns in Kasempa District.

Kakubo of NRC 235416/68/1 received the money from Zhang Lianan of Lianan Mining Ltd.of Kitwe.

Kakubo also signed proof of receipt of the money.

A short video was also taken as he was collecting the money.

On Easter holidays of April 2022, Kakubo was seen leaving Sinoma Cement premises.

After the pictures emerged of him leaving with a noticeably heavy parcel, he claimed it was a calendar and diary he had collected from Sinoma. He couldn’t explain why he was collecting calendars four months after they were distributed.


  1. Ba popwe.

    So any UPND can sell rights to mineral exploration plus share profits without ZRA involvement?

    How can ACC or OP not know anything about these dealings? Yet, they keep a tight record of timelines when opposition members fart?

    These maggots are plundering bad!

  2. Treason is selling natural resources by an individual entity ,not talking about tribalism when it is being executed by any moron in Zambia.From Berlin

  3. See your life now?
    Three things test a person’s character: Power, Money and Sex!
    If we were to test our weekend church goers on just these three things, we would be lucky to have any survivors!
    Bad habits die hard!
    After the Sinoma Cement scandal, Kakubo should have been more careful with his personal dealings! Learn to do everything in a transparent way even at personal level! Whenever you have huge sums of money, insist on doing a bank transfer! At least you will have a clear record of all your transactions and you will always be able to give an account when queries arise!
    It’s sad that Chiluba did away with KK’S Code of Conduct for Ministers and other public workers!
    Conflict of interests have been the norm from the time this deterrent was removed! This is why we keep having “Rags to riches” stories.
    If we were to dig deeper, you will realize that Kakubo is not the only one.
    When leaders refuse to declare Assets, that becomes a recipe for more corruption!
    Declaring your personal Assets is one wise way of protecting your wealth!
    So we have a lot of work to when it comes to Public Accountability!
    If we made public service less Lucrative, there would be less political fights! Only those who truly wish to serve would rise up the political ladder!


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