Cinema legend Delon’s family shattered in tragic conclusion

Cinema heart-throb Alain Delon has for decades filled the front pages of French newspapers

The final male superstar from the great time of French movies is in the news again, but it’s not because of a new movie or getting married later in life.

At 88 years old, Alain Delon, who was once known as the most handsome man in movies, is now unwell and spends most of his time alone.

The last sad part of Delon’s life, that everyone in the news couldn’t help but watch, is his family falling apart.

His three kids are arguing over the things that remind them of their dad and the love he showed them.

Birds find a place to hide and die. Large animals do it in the spotlight, ” says the first line of a long article in Le Monde newspaper about the saga.

The newspaper says it’s like a Greek drama – there’s a family fighting and a big house that used to have great parties.

And most importantly, a main character who is struggling with the problems from his own difficult past.

The French people see Delon as a big star in the movies who was very charming and attractive in the 1960s. He was in popular movies like The Leopard and Rocco and his Brothers.

For many years, they have closely followed all the details of his successful career and his very active love life, through Paris-Match and other magazines about famous people.

They knew that the actor had three kids – two boys and a girl – with two different women, and another boy who was not recognized and has passed away.

However, in the past two weeks, they found out that the Delon family is going through a lot of pain and distress. The surviving children have been expressing their anger and complaints to the media by insulting each other, making accusations, filing lawsuits, and sharing secret recordings.

Anthony Delon, who is 59 years old and the son of actor Nathalie Delon, spoke to Paris-Match in an interview. He accused his younger half-sister, Anouchka, of hiding their father’s cognitive test results and called her a “liar” and “manipulative. ”

Anouchka is 33 years old and the daughter of Dutch model Rosalie van Breemen. She defended herself in a statement from her lawyer. She said that Delon couldn’t handle the aggressiveness of his son anymore, who always tells him he is getting old.

Then the two people continued to insult each other on French TV. After that, the third child, Alain-Fabien, who is 29 years old, sided with his half-brother on Instagram. He also shared a secret recording of Anouchka supposedly saying bad things to their father.

The most recent debates in court have been about the medical care for Delon, who had a stroke in 2019 and now has another serious health problem. The specific condition has not been named in the French media. On Saturday a doctor approved by the court checked the actor, but the children disagreed with his findings right away.

In the background is another person who is also suing: 66-year-old Hiromi Rollin was Delon‘s former housekeeper or lover, depending on who you ask. The kids kicked her out last year when they all agreed, which doesn’t happen often. But now she’s suing them because they didn’t give Delon his medicine and that put his life in danger.

The story is happening in a big house that Delon built in Douchy, in a wooded area 120km (75 miles) southeast of Paris. The old star lives there with Alain-Fabien, and sometimes the other children visit.

Alain-Fabien thinks the place is not as good as it used to be and people are not allowed to go there. “Things keep breaking and the power isn’t working,” he said.

Everyone thinks that Alain Delon, even though he is weak and sometimes confused, still understands and is aware of the seriousness of what is happening to his family.

Le Monde and other commentators see it as a sad event that is connected to the actor’s past.

Delon had a difficult childhood and teenage years, which may have made it hard for him to connect with his sons.

He was born outside of Paris in 1935. When his parents got divorced, he went to live with another family when he was four years old.

He was a naughty kid who didn’t like going to school. He joined the navy and fought in Indochina, but he got in trouble for stealing a jeep and had to go to a military court. In the late 1950s, he lived in Paris with prostitutes and gangsters. His good looks helped him become a movie star.

Le Monde said that the person’s big ego made him see his sons as competitors that he wanted to get rid of early on.

It is clear that Delon was a strict father to his two boys, and both of them got into trouble with drugs, guns, and the law.

Anouchka was different. In 2008, he said about her, “I have told no other woman ‘I love you’ as much as I have told her. ”

Nico, the rock-star from Germany who was in the Velvet Underground, also had a son who suffered. Ari Boulogne was born in 1962, but Delon never accepted him.

But Delon’s mother thought he was her child and she took care of him. He died in Paris last year because he took too much of a drug.

Delon made a plan for what will happen to his things when he dies. He decided that half of his things will go to Anouchka, and the other half will be split between his two boys.

But everyone agrees that the problem between the siblings is not about the money.

It’s about love, competition, and the things that happened before.


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