Colin Barry fired – takes the fall for Airport Gold Scandal?

One question that this firing of Collin Barry has answered is about the taking of the fall of the one who is directly responsible and accountable for Zambia’s air defence.

One thing that is clear is that the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport – KKIA is not a gold exchange but an air cargo and air passenger transport border.

However, some questions on the gold scandal still remain:
1. The state house official who was involved in the scandal, what action has been taken? How was he aware of the gold deal that turned out into a national scandal?

2. Is this firing linked to the recent arrest of a reported international cocaine drug dealer at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport at Ndola?

3. The release of the Egyptians involved in the gold scandal, has that not compromised and tainted Zambia’s sovereignty looking at the nolle’s entered?

4. Have Zambia’s airport borders been turned into illicit trading ports? What other deals are taking place that are not reported?

5. Shouldn’t the reasons behind sacking of the ZAF commander be made public since we need to have transparent government dealings?

SOURCE: Zambian Business Times


  1. Absolutely farfetched. The gold scandal plane was not a military aircraft. Its clearance to land was the business of the Department of Civil Aviation run by civilian officials, as were immigration and customs control of its crew and cargo. How would Lt-Gen Colin Barry take the blame for that? It’s not an informed commentary at all.


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