Constitutional Court Issues Former President Edgar Lungu With An Ultimatum



The Constitutional Court has issued an ultimatum that former President EDGAR LUNGU must by November 17, 2023, file an affidavit in reply to a petition on his eligibility for the 2021 General Election and future ones.

Constitutional Court Judge PALAN MULONDA has also ordered the petitioner MICHELO CHIZOMBE , a LUSAKA businessman to file a counter reply on November 24,2023.

His ruling comes on the backdrop of the petition filed by Mr. CHIZOMBE on October 9, 2023 in the Constitutional Court.

Mr. CHIZOMBE is seeking the court’s declaration that former President EDGAR LUNGU was not eligible for the Presidential bid in 2021 nor enjoys constitutional right to contest future Presidential elections.

Mr. . CHIZOMBE also sought a declaration that Mr. LUNGU’s participation in the 2021 General Election was unconstitutional.

He further sought a declaration that it was unconstitutional for the Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ to accept Mr .LUNGU’s nominations during the elections under review.

Mr. .CHIZOMBE said according to Article 106 Sub-Article three of the 2016 Amended Constitution Mr.LUNGU was not eligible to contest the 2016 General Election.

He contended that the sixth President was ineligible because he was sworn in twice as Republican President in 2015 and 2016.

Mr.CHIZOMBE additionally contended that the repealed Article 35 of the 1996 Amended Constitution excluded a person who had been elected twice, from contesting Presidential Elections.

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  1. Lungu is finished full stop. Clinging on to Lungu is clinging onto a chitumbi. That’s it for Lungu, never again shall this man be president of anything. Jail is coming.

  2. Why is this Action of altimatum coming today after ECL’s announement of coming back into politics ? Without his coming back everything was unquestionable ? I have reservations… .From Berlin

  3. Someone filed in a petition and it’s only right that Mr. Edgar Lungu responds to it. There is nothing sinister. There equally will be nothing sinister when other persons file in other petitions for him to answer to the many issues that occurred during his brutal and corrupt reign. Nothing sinister at all.

  4. Me I feel pity for Lungu how some unscrupulous PF1 members are misleading and abusing him. They made him lose and the same people still want him to be arrested. Lungu was even luck because he was on the throne for 7 years compared to the founder of PF MCS who only reigned for 3 years. What does he still want that he never did in those 7 years? Is it really his decision or he is under party capture? Why can’t PF emulate other former presidents like Jakaya Kikwete, Joachim Chisano, former Sierra Leone president etc. It’s shameful that HH is using former Vice Presidents when the only surviving former president is there, aikona mani, muletusebanya. Jakaya Kikwete was in Lesotho with HH last week and we saw the great work that he did there. Thabo Mbeki is also busy with Great Lakes mediation, but ba PF1 bafwaya fye bu kateka kuli Lungu so that abapele ibala and start chewing as they did when they were in power. You are embarrassing the big man, I don’t think he deserves this kind of treatment he has chosen. We always say that when you decide to the boxing ring, you don’t expect a hug but heavy punches and you can’t blame anybody for punching your chics. Please try to persuade him to rescind his come back decision and join his brother H.E. Mr. Jakaya Kikwete in the SADC Council of Elders, he will make us Zambians proud.

  5. Is this not the same concourt which allowed him to illegally stand in the first place? What has changed now that they can even accept the petition. That’s why courts in zambia are always biased towards ruling party.

  6. Mr. Lungu is synonymous with chaos beginning with his “election” in 2015 by waving of pangas and show of hands, his “re-election” in 2016 (which was petitioned and the petition was never heard), his chaotic and brutal reign up to 2021, his unconstitutional third term bid, his fake resignation in 2021 and his “comeback” with the attendant acrimony and confusion within the PF.

    Honestly, who wants such a leader? Ba Lungu, minwe ya bubenshi (he is like termites). Whatever he touches crumbles.

  7. I concur with Comrade Razor.Did the Constitution of Zambia allow ECL to contest the Last tripatite elections ?If not why is the Constitutional Court giving him this altimatum ? Why should Law be used only in favour of the ruling Party ?It is clear the Constitutional Court is a ruling Party ‘s weapon to silence Opposition and fight legal battles for the party in govt.John Sangwa took the ECL case to court but the verdict was ? And today that ECL is coming back the Constitutional Court sers it fit to fight him for Upnd,the party in govt,or the ruling Party ? The same court ruled in favour of the then PF ruling Party,is this the right way to use this Court?From Berlin


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