Dear God save us from opposition leaders like Kambwili, Nakachinda, Lubinda, Mwamba etal talking like they were not deeply part of the destruction of this country- Laura Miti

Laura Miti
Laura Miti

Laura Miti writes….

Dear God give us opposition leaders we can listen to. Ones to keep this government in check.

Then save us from individuals like Kambwili, Nakachinda, Lubinda, Mwamba etal talking like they were not deeply part of the destruction of this country. Their voices give one a headache, mwe.

Take Mr Kambwili, with his uncouthness while Minister, shouting at journalists, Lubinda and the hellish Bill 10, Nakachinda who jumped into the PF when it was rotten and ready to be discarded, Mwamba who we heard on an audio arranging cadre violence in South Africa.

All of them together who wanted us to return PF to power, knowing it would take us over the abyss into Mobutu’s Zaire.

Hearing them wax lyrical about democracy blah blah makes one want to weep. At least EL doesn’t talk mwe. He does not insult our intelligence with words. He at least keeps it to mungulu behaviour we can ignore.

God knows, we desperately need opposition voices to stand up against UPND excesses. To stop them walking down the road well travelled by those before them.

To be listened to when they say our democracy must be defended with everything in us. That UPND must not be given latitude for tyranny.

But Kambwili and friends – yayi mwandi. Matu yamakoma.


  1. This is the Laura I know, but what happens to her when she tries to appear to favour the idiots remains a mystery to me.

    Surely, even when we talk of opposition party checkers of balances and checks, we do not need idiots like the ones she has mentioned and others like them, there are clean souls in opposition who the Zambians can listen to, not aba bakolokombwa and STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. You left out the Lawless one, the one who opened the gates of hell and turned the whole Zambia into an open prison, the one who unleashed teargas everywhere.
    If it was not for RB, he would have refused to step down and Zambia would have morphed into a full-blown failed state with it’s high levels of debt!
    If Zambians decide to Dununa Reverse in 2026, let everything that is evil follow them. Let the hooligans morph into militias as trained in Sudan according to Winta!
    If Zambians decide to bring back PF, may teargas become their oxygen!


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