DRC ELECTIONS: The EU Concern Over Hate Speech & Violent Incidents That Characterized The End To Electoral Campaigns


DRC ELECTIONS: The EU Concern Over Hate Speech & Violent Incidents That Characterized The End To Electoral Campaigns

The European Union (EU) have shown its concern over the recent hate speech and cases of violence that ensued towards the end of campaigns in the DR Congo ahead of Wednesday’s presidential elections.

Several people were left injured in different cities of the DR Congo following a brutal attacks that were conducted by a group militants of the ruling Sacred Union party who attacked the opposition.

In Moanda of Kongo-Central Province, opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi and his entourage were attacked by thugs during their campaign tour in the region.

Other opposition figures connected to Katumbi were also victims of oppression and violence from the outgoing president’s supporters.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the EU have bemoaned the incidents of violence and violations of human rights in the run up to Wednesday’s election.

Below is the full statement by the EU;
The elections this Wednesday, December 20 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are a historic moment which will determine the future direction of the country and the partnership with the Union European.

The EU welcomes the active participation of all stakeholders in the electoral campaign. It recalls the responsibility of the authorities to ensure an inclusive, free, transparent and peaceful electoral process, where national observers will observe the elections in complete independence, where members of the press will work freely, and where the voice and choice of the Congolese people will be heard and respected.

The EU expresses its concern at the hate speech, violence and incidents that have marked these last days of the campaign. Serious human rights violations and abuses have been recorded according to the United Nations, and it is up to the authorities to launch investigations in order to prosecute the perpetrators. Efforts to divide the population on the basis of ethnicity or origin and any comments inciting violence are unacceptable. Every citizen must be able to exercise their right to vote in complete safety, regardless of their political allegiance and without fear of violence or reprisals.

The EU wishes the Congolese every success in exercising their democratic right to choose their representatives.


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