Edgar Lungu Blocked From Seeing Chishimba Kambwili

Edgar Lungu


….as they block ECL to see Kambwili…

Ministry of Defence says they will not allow politicians and other members of public to see Patriotic Front Member of the Central Commitee, Chishimba Kambwili.

This came to light when Zambia’s Sixth President Edgar Lungu came to Maina Soko Medical Centre to see Kambwili.

Authorities led by Maina Soko Medical Hospital Commandant stated to the delegation of President Lungu that they have been given strict attention to restrict access to see Chishimba Kambwili.

Kambwili was brought back to Zambia under unkown circumstances from Zimbabwe. He was driven straight to Maina Soko Medical Centre.


  1. Very good….Lungu is central is the confusion. After looting he wants he to behave like he is God. No you are a former President. There is a limit to what that status can allow you to do. Wanting to behave like Trump?
    Kambwili is a convict. Visitation can be curbed. These are the same people give Kambwili silly ideas. What is Kaizer? Who allowed Kaizer to behave the way he did unhinged? Is it not the same Lungu?
    The man has no shame…..

  2. Just place this ECL under house arrest!
    He has become a big nuisance!
    Why does he want to politicize everything?
    Let him concentrate on his own battles!
    CK is not sick physically!
    He is just overcome with fear of the consequences of what he has done!
    If you know that you are a BP patient, you don’t do stupid things you know will raise your BP! You try to lead a quiet life and stay away from trouble!
    You can run ba CK but you cannot hide!
    Your own sins have overtaken you!
    If CK dies from the effects of a raised BP, no one should point any finger of blame on anyone other than CK himself!
    Thank you Zimbabwe for not entertaining jokers!

  3. This is where I have a problem with Hakainde.

    Why not let people visit Kambwili?

    Justice is one thing, but revenge is another.

    • He is a fugitive, besides CK thinks this govt wants to eliminate him. He must be protected with high govt security and chained to the bed. He must eat food only provided by govt, his own party may want to eliminate him through poison and blame it on this govt. Leave HH out of this. What revenge would HH want on CK? Get a life.

    • Indigo Tryol you always use your buttocks to reason. Your Edgar Lungu is just politicking iwe. Since when did Edgar Lungu and Kambwili become friends iwe Kolwe? The same Kambwili told the whole world about his illusional government scheme to slaughter him. Your fellow PF criminals are capable of poisoning CK and later blame it innocent HH. C’mon stop being petty and stupid iwe PF criminal.

    • be ECL and PF thought z Mnanangagwa would give “asylum” to CK looking at how they went as a powerful delegation to support his re-election. They forgot that it was under PF regime that Zimbabwe’s Bitti was deported back to Zimbabwe. Kikikikikikiki

  4. Kambwili is a convict who jumped bail. That’s a very serious offence. And this will certainly lead to his petition being revoked. He will now be thrown into jail. And Edgar Lungu should have known that he would not be allowed to see Kambwili because government wouldn’t give room to anyone to poison Kambwili, and then accuse HH.

  5. Indigo, its you who is a problem; lack of understanding of the issues just because you don’t like the UPND government. Anyway, you might have to persevere the next 8 years if not more, looking at the way things are going ! This man called Kambwili is a convict. Secondly, he ran away leaving his pass port behind. As it is, only the courts can handle Kambwili. So why do you want every Jim and Jack to visit him. The same people who want to visit him are the same people who are giving him wrong advice; they are the same people who hired a helicopter for him to be going around and promoting hate speech!


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