Genuine rebranding requires a fundamental shift in leadership and ideology, Mutale advises PF


Genuine rebranding requires a fundamental shift in leadership and ideology, Mutale advises PF

By Oliver Chisenga

THE current Edgar Lungu/Given Lubunda faction of the Patriotic Front can be summarised as incorrigible because they are self-centered, arrogant and deliberately blind to the truth, says PF founder member Fabian Mutale.

Mutale says the duo embody the very essence of selfishness, arrogance and pride.

“It is both astonishing and disheartening to witness the depths of their ignorance and disregard for the welfare of the Zambian people. One cannot help but recall the infamous [Joe] Malanji and [Bowman] Lusambo episode, which served as a stark reminder of the faction’s true nature,’’ he said in a statement on Thursday. ‘’One would have hoped that such a blatant display of unethical behaviour would have prompted a moment of reflection and self-improvement. However, it appears that these lessons were lost on the members of ECL/Lubinda PF and yet again the electorate in some upcoming ward by-elections will not see the boat (PF symbol) on the ballot paper.”

Mutale, who was close to late PF founder Michael Sata and not long ago was PF member Chishimba Kambwili’s personal assistant, is now running under the banner of a ‘democracy advocate’.

He noted that the root cause of the PF faction’s problems lies squarely within the inner circle surrounding Lungu.

“These individuals, who claim to support and offer guidance, only serve to further entrench the faction’s arrogance and self-centeredness. Instead of holding the leader accountable for their actions, they pander to their ego, enabling their destructive behaviour,” Mutale said.

He said what is particularly perplexing was the “twisted loyalty” exhibited by certain individuals within the Lungu and Lubinda faction.

“Every day, they shamelessly flock to the house of the former president, pretending to offer support. One cannot help but wonder whether these individuals genuinely believe in the cause they claim to champion or if their motives are purely driven by personal gain. Ninshi tabakwata ifyakucita (don’t they have anything to do) or they simply go there mukupula ubwali (for free nshima) for their own benefit? It is difficult to fathom why any self-respecting adult would subject themselves to such a demeaning role,” said Mutale. “The ‘Alebwelapo’ campaign, which had the potential to breathe new life into the PF party, was instead diluted and reduced to a mere showcase of one individual’s aspirations. It is as if the faction believed that slapping a fresh coat of paint on a dilapidated building would automatically make it appealing to the masses. They fail to realise that genuine rebranding requires a fundamental shift in leadership and ideology, not just a superficial change of face. Moreover, the ‘embattled’ incumbent leader, ECL, with his inflated sense of self-importance, failed to understand the importance of supporting the elected candidate at the convention.”


  1. They wanted to rebrand but having gone half way they looked in the mirror and saw the same images still running the party, then they realized it was a bridge too far and abandoned the rebranding

  2. They have a tendency of not understanding issues, they voted for the grade twelve clause and most became victims, now the sang rebranding without knowing that it meant most of them should bow out, when they realized what it meant they abandoned it and went to reserect their commander


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